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Welcome to the website of the Customer Service Unit for MedStar Washington Hospital Center's Patient Financial Services. This site is designed to accept inquiries concerning your patient account.

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The hospital bill and the bill from your physician will be separate. Your insurance information will be verified prior to or upon your arrival at the hospital for services. Please provide any necessary authorizations and/or referrals at the time of service. If the insurance information, authorizations, or referrals are not provided at the time of service, you will be required to sign a financial responsibility form agreeing to pay for the services not covered or denied by your insurance.

If you are insured and undergoing a procedure, the Precertification/Preregistration Department will contact your insurance company prior to services being rendered to secure an estimate of your unmet deductibles and co-insurance amounts. You will then be contacted to make payment arrangements in advance of your procedure.

The final bill for remaining coinsurances and other balances will not be due until MedStar has received all payments from your insurance company. In addition, your insurance carrier(s) will send you statements (explanations of benefits) of their payments made to MedStar. These statements also outline any amount for which you may be responsible. Please call your insurance carrier or employer's benefits office for details about your insurance or benefit policy coverage.

If you do not have insurance, you will be notified by your Physician’s office and/or the Precertification/Preregistration Department of the estimated costs and you will be expected to make payment arrangements prior to the time of service.

If you have questions about what services are covered at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, check with your health plan or your company's benefits office. They will have the most detailed information about your coverage.

Customer Support

You may also send correspondence to the following address:

Sample Hospital Bill

Sample Physician Bill

Hospital Billing
P.O. Box 418203
Boston, MA 02241-8203
Online Bill Pay

410-933-2424 or 800-280-9006
Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For Physician Bills:

MedStar Health Physicians Billing Service
P.O. Box 847
Arlington, VA 22216-0847
Physician Bill Pay

703-558-1400 & toll-free 888-896-1400
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Please be aware that in years past MedStar Washington Hospital Center Physicians billing was handled by multiple billing departments. It may be advisable to refer to the telephone number that is on the statement.

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