Administrative Residency FAQ

Does the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Administrative Residency Program sponsor international visas?

At this time, the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Administrative Residency Program does not sponsor international visas.

What is the compensation package for the Administrative Resident?

MedStar Washington Hospital Center provides an extremely competitive salary to the Administrative Resident.  In addition, the Resident receives the same benefit package as all salaried employees. These benefits include but are not limited to health insurance, vacation, and a 403(b) defined contribution retirement plan.

How many residents are accepted into the MedStar Washington Hospital Center program?

One administrative residency position is offered on an annual basis.

Is there any difference between an Administrative Residency and an Administrative Fellowship?

No, the Administrative Residency at MedStar Washington Hospital Center is comparable to other Administrative Fellowships. 

How long is the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Administrative Residency Program?

The residency is one year in duration.

To whom should I address my letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation may be addressed to John Sullivan, President and CEO.

What is the level of interaction between the resident and the preceptor?

The resident will have consistent access to their Preceptor, the Senior Vice President and MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute’s Chief Administrative Officer, Cathie Monge. This interaction will occur through both regular weekly meetings and while collaborating on projects and initiatives. Additionally, the resident will engage with the entire of the Senior Leadership team in a variety of capacities over the residency. 

Do I have to apply for the Administrative Residency through the NCAF portal?

No, you may mail your materials to the address listed below. The materials must be sent in one package. Please note all materials must be stamped by October 3rd, 2016.

Kenneth A. Samet, FACHE
President and CEO
MedStar Health
10980 Grantchester Way
Columbia, MD 21044