What Past Administrative Residents Have Said

Yang Zhao, Administrative Resident 2014

“In this era of healthcare reform, the Administrative Residency Program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center afforded me an invaluable view into how a large, urban hospital successfully maneuvers through uncertainty. The administrative resident will experience strategy being shaped at the highest level and then will have the opportunity to work on the ground to bring strategy into fruition. This self-directed program gives the resident the ability to focus on virtually any component of healthcare from finance to performance improvement to ambulatory care. I am grateful for all the leaders that took time to mentor me throughout the year- relationships that will last long after my residency.”

Andy Canning, Administrative Resident 2013

“The Administrative Residency with MedStar Washington Hospital Center is an unparalleled experience, giving aspiring healthcare leaders the opportunity to gain insight and exposure into a highly complex and challenging environment.  The combination of dynamic interpersonal interactions, detailed projects and professional development opportunities makes the experience one that can simply not be derived in a classroom.  I will always credit my time as the MWHC resident as a bedrock for my own personal and professional development.”

Elliott Brown, Administrative Resident 2012

As a graduate student studying healthcare administration and having no full-time work experience between my undergraduate and graduate programs, I was looking for a role that would provide significant exposure to healthcare management at the executive level. The Administrative Residency program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center affords the Resident the opportunity to view organizational strategy and decision making at the highest level, while also allowing for meaningful project work within clinical service lines and/or ancillary services. As a self-directed program, the Resident has the ability to choose freely from a wide variety of opportunities that allow he/she to “dig deeper” into a specific area of the hospital. Projects that I was leading or were intimately involved in included the development of a specialized dermatopathology laboratory, a fetal surgery program in the department of OB/GYN, and the implementation of a hospital-wide financial action plan. The mentorship that is provided as a part of the program by Cathie Monge, MWHC’s Senior Vice President for Operations, is honest, constructive, and frequent, which allows for a strong post-residency relationship. As an early careerist and aspiring leader in healthcare administration, I can’t imagine a more beneficial experience."

Brede Eschliman, Administrative Resident 2011

After concentrating on health policy in public health school, I wanted to learn more about the actual provision of care—how hospitals operate and form strategies. The administrative residency was the perfect venue for learning in-depth about the functioning of a major, urban hospital. I was grateful for this unique opportunity to work with and learn from managers at all levels of the hospital, including the executive suite. It’s rare to get that kind of exposure so soon after graduate school, and it has been very beneficial to me as I continue my career in health care.”

Taylr Jesinger, Administrative Resident 2010

“My administrative residency at MedStar Washington Hospital Center was a unique yet an extremely rewarding and educational experience. It was the perfect hybrid opportunity to connect theory and practice, and a fantastic way to transition from the academic environment to the practical. The residency offered the rare opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the continuum of hospital operations from the executive level to front-line staff. It was an intense year yet without a doubt one of the most valuable learning experiences that I believe has greatly prepared me for any role, project, and challenge afterward. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.”

Zal Damkevala, Administrative Resident 2007

“The Administrative Residency program provides an incredible opportunity for aspiring healthcare executives to learn about all aspects of a complex academic medical center. Residents get hands-on experience in almost every area of hospital operations, and also benefit tremendously from being able to work on selected projects in their department of interest. As a resident, I was involved in a number of projects including developing a business plan for the heart failure clinic, and assisting the OBGYN department in putting together a grant proposal. The program is a great foundation for anyone interested in a career in healthcare.

Jill Donaldson, Administrative Resident 1996

“The Administrative Residency at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center is an outstanding experience for a young professional to gain exposure to all aspects of hospital administration. Residents have the unique opportunity to interact and learn from senior level executives, while also engaging in departmental rotations to experience a hospital “from the front lines.” The end result is a rich understanding of the inner workings of different functions throughout the organization. It is a great way to launch a career in healthcare administration. It was a catalyst for my career, and I am both proud and honored to have been a part of such a top-notch program.”