James Groome

Financial Counselor
Start Date: 1980


I was the evening admissions manager in the 1980s, and one very busy evening stands out in my mind. The hospital was regularly quite full, and on this particular night, we had more than 20 people on a waiting list to be admitted. At that time, people waited at home for a bed to become available. Finally, when a bed opened up for an elderly lady who had been waiting for a couple of days, I called her immediately. She and her husband arrived at the hospital shortly thereafter, but soon there was a problem. It turns out that the woman and her husband were very superstitious. Unfortunately, they had been assigned to Room 2NE-13, and they were very concerned that this could mean bad luck. I took a deep breath and spent the next 20 to 30 minutes calmly explaining to them that the room would be fine. We really didn't have any other rooms at that moment. She finally agreed to be admitted, and it all worked out, but I still smile when I think about how crazy that night was.