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Celebrated Physician: Helena B. Pasieka, MD, MS


What makes a hospital ‘baby-friendly’?

By Tamika Auguste, MD

Dr. Tamika Auguste explains what we have done to create an environment that helps women who choose to breastfeed achieve their goal.

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Leg pain: A potential sign of peripheral artery disease

By Edward Y. Woo, MD

Peripheral artery disease involves poor circulation due to blockages in the leg’s arteries. Learn what to watch for and how we treat this condition.

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Tips to stay cool and safe as the heat wave moves through

When the temperatures inches toward 100 degrees, learn the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and how to prevent such heat-related illnesses.

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Neck surgery with shorter recovery, better range of motion

By Oliver Tannous, MD

How cervical disc replacement, a fairly new surgical procedure, can help some patients retain range of motion and recover faster.

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Why I think it’s time to make statins available over-the-counter

By Allen J. Taylor, MD

Too many people who could benefit from a statin don’t take one. Dr. Allen Taylor says we can narrow this gap by making statins available over-the-counter.

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Celebrated Physician: Clint Pettit, MD

Because communication is critical in assisting patients through difficult treatment decisions, palliative care is the ideal discipline for Dr. Clint Pettit.

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Today’s stone age: How to eat to prevent kidney stones

By Daniel Marchalik, MD

Kidney stones are a huge problem in part because of what we eat and drink. Learn how to lower the risk by making healthier choices.

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2017’s growing tick problem: How to protect yourself

By Glenn Wortmann, MD

A milder-than-normal winter led to an increase in the tick population. Learn which tick-borne diseases you need to be aware of and how to protect yourself.

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How smartphones and apps are changing emergency department care

By Jeffrey Dubin, MD

Smartphones have changed the world of emergency medicine. Medical apps help doctors make quick, accurate clinical decisions.

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Celebrated Physician: Pamela Paufler, MD

Many physicians have pursued other careers before entering medicine, but the path Dr. Pamela Paufler took to becoming an attending Critical Care physician at MedStar Washington Hospital Center was, literally and figuratively, somewhat circuitous.

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