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3 questions to ask before downloading a pregnancy app


Type 2 diabetes trial offers chance to further research, treatment understanding

By Vanita Aroda, MD

MedStar Health is seeking patients for a nationwide Type 2 diabetes medication study. Participants receive medication, supplies and lab tests at no cost.

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knee replacement alternatives

Knee replacement alternative relieves pain, retains mobility

By Evan Argintar, MD

Some people with arthritis in the knee can be treated with a new, less painful alternative to knee replacement.

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Cardiogenetics: Detecting and Preventing Heart Disease Before it Strikes

By Susan O’Donoghue, MD

A relatively new subspecialty of cardiology can identify people with an inherited high risk for sudden cardiac arrest and intervene early, preventing potentially catastrophic results.

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Not your mom’s IUD: Renewed focus on LARCs

By Tamika Auguste, MD

Dr. Tamika Auguste says too many women still aren’t aware of all their birth control options, including long-acting reversible contraceptives such as IUDs.

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Burn Rehab

When to seek treatment at a burn center

By Jeffrey Wilson Shupp, MD

Burn injuries – even mild ones – require specialized care. Learn when to seek treatment at a burn center.

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Bariatric wieght loss surgery misconceptions

6 frequently asked questions about bariatric surgery

By Ivanesa Pardo Lameda, MD

Dr. Ivanesa Pardo Lameda discusses frequent myths surrounding bariatric surgery, including safety, excess skin and regaining the weight.

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Keep moving to avoid and relieve back pain

By Oliver Tannous, MD

Simple suggestions to keep your spine healthy through exercises, stretches and proper posture.

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Race Finish Line

From treadmill to sidewalk: 4 tips to prevent running injuries

By Evan Argintar, MD

Spring is here. Get ready to run outside and prevent common running injuries with these four tips.

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Janelle Baliko

A Patient’s Perspective: To Honor My Doctor

By MedStar Washington Hospital Center

In honor of Doctors' Day this year, Janelle Baliko wrote this heartfelt poem to share her 10 year healing journey under the care of Dr. I. David Shocket.

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Tips to make colonoscopy prep more bearable

By I. David Shocket, MD

Colonoscopy prep can be a hassle, as well as uncomfortable. Dr. I. David Shocket shares tricks to make it more tolerable.

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