Ambulatory Services

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Nurses are a critical member of the multidisciplinary team in the Ambulatory Care Areas. Nursing care is provided by the clinical nurse coordinators who coordinate assessment and care of patients, and supervise the Medical Assistants who provide much of the direct patient care. The clinical nurse coordinators assess and educate patients, troubleshoot problems, coordinate care for patients and serve as a liaison between clinical staff and patients and community resources. Other services provided by referral include nutritional assessment and counseling, psychiatric assessment and counseling, MedStar Health Home Care, home infusion, PT, OT and speech therapy. Nurses assist with specialized procedures which are performed in the clinic areas such as IV infusions of iron and infliximab, endocrine testing, and oral surgery procedures.

Patient education is an important component of care provided in the ambulatory care, with most education provided one-to-one, based on assessment of patient needs and possible barriers to learning. Services also include patient education and information packets, resource materials and support group information. Group classes for diabetic patients are provided in the Medical Ambulatory Clinic, which are linked to the inpatient and home care diabetic teaching program. Preoperative education is provided in the Surgical Clinic. The transplant clinic provides specialized education and patient support groups.

Ambulatory Care

Provides diagnostic and therapeutic services, interdisciplinary care coordinator, patient education and community support services, and palliative and supportive care.

Medical and Medical Specialties Clinics

Provides interdisciplinary primary care for adult patients in the ambulatory arena. In addition to the general medical clinics, there are specialty clinics for Rheumatology, Geriatrics, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Pulmonary, Nephrology, Infectious Disease, and Gastroenterology. A special team approach has been established for managing the care of patients with the diagnoses of CHF, Stroke, Diabetes, and HIV.

Oral Surgery Clinic

Provides comprehensive oral surgery health care that includes evaluation, immediate care, pre- and post-operative care out-patients. The range of services extends from the management of simple tooth abscesses to the replacement of teeth with dental implants, to the treatment of severe facial infections, facial trauma, facial malformation, and tumors of the jaw.

Surgical Clinic

The surgical clinics provide management of those patients that are pre- and post-surgical procedures, as well as ambulatory diagnostic, treatment and education to patients with a variety of problems. The surgical clinic offers programs in orthopedics, general surgery, urology, bariatric plastics, ostomy, neurosurgery, vascular, podiatry, trauma and pain.

ENT Clinic

The ENT Clinic provides surgical pre and postoperative follow-up and ambulatory diagnostic; treatment and education. Patient's ages range from adult to geriatric adult. Patients are referred with a wide variety of ear, nose and throat problems. Many patients have multiple or chronic medical and social problems, which experience frequent hospitalizations, and are followed in more than one clinic at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Transplant Clinic

Provides care for both pre and post transplant patients. The multidisciplinary team provides:

  • Recipient evaluation, education and preparation for kidney transplantation.
  • Living donor evaluation and advocacy, education and preparation for kidney donation.
  • Recipient follow-up care, education and services.
  • Patient registration on the national waiting list.
  • Clinical coordination with organ procurement organizations to obtain suitable organs for recipients.
  • Professional and community education programs regarding transplant and organ donation.
  • Patient support group, advocacy and community involvement.

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