Medical-Surgical Services

Search for job openingsMedical-Surgical nursing at MedStar Washington Hospital Center is challenging and provides our nurses with the opportunity to provide evidence based nursing care to a diverse patient population using leading-edge technology. Patient care is provided using an interdisciplinary approach involving the patient, nursing, medical staff, pharmacy, laboratory, pathology, respiratory therapy, spiritual care, nutritional services, rehabilitation and radiology.

We are one of only 2 hospitals in the District of Columbia, who has been designated by NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders) as providing excellent patient -centered, evidence-based geriatric care. Nurses on our Medical-Psychiatric unit receive specialized MANDT training and have the support of a full time psychiatric educator to assist in managing the unique needs of patients with both medical and mental health issues. Our nationally recognized Burn-Trauma unit cares for patients with traumatic and thermal injuries. The Burn-Trauma nursing team has presented at the American Burn Association annual meeting and is active in burn prevention efforts. Our Orthopedic unit uses an innovative team approach for the care of the patients in our joint replacement program. Patients are assessed before surgery by the surgeon, the Post Acute Care Coordinator, a rehab specialist and a home care nurse to develop a plan of care that spans the continuum of care. This collaboration has improved patient satisfaction and decreased the length of stay. Our transplant program is one of the busiest in the nation and has a success rate well above the national average.

Quality and safety are at the forefront of all that we do. Our medical-surgical nurses are dedicated to delivering care that will achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. Each nursing unit closely monitors nurse sensitive indicators and core measures to assess the quality of the care that is delivered. A quarterly award is given to those units meeting or exceeding the benchmarks.

Our RN Residency offers a comprehensive education and orientation program. We are committed to supporting the professional development of all of our nurses and offer a generous benefits package to support your educational goals.

Medical Surgical Nursing

Inpatient Units

Our highly acute 195 bed medical and surgical units provide care to a population with a variety of multi-system acute and chronic medical conditions, as well as surgical intervention and care. The primary medical diagnoses are ESRD, pneumonia, CHF R/O tuberculosis, HIV and diabetes.

Select units have subspecialty foci of GI disorders, geriatrics, renal disease including renal transplants and diabetes. Many units have advanced care options such as telemetry and ventilators.

General Medicine:
34 bed unit providing care to patients with complex medical needs including ESRD, pneumonia, and HIV.

Medical Psychiatric:
32 bed medical unit with specializing in the care of patients with patients with both psychiatric and medical diagnoses.

35 bed medical unit specializing in the care of the geriatric patient with acute and chronic medical diagnoses.

General Surgery:
30 bed unit providing care to post-operative surgical patients. These include thyroid surgery, Gynecology surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

34 bed medical unit providing care to Kaiser patients with complex medical-surgical problems.

General Surgery:
30 bed unit with subspecialties of transplant and orthopedics. Postoperative patients receiving either renal and/or pancreas transplant are cared for on this unit. Patients having orthopedic procedures such as knee or hip replacement and fracture repairs are also managed on this unit.

Step-down & Procedural Units

Pulmonary step-down:
30 bed unit specializing in the care of patients with complex pulmonary problems including ventilator dependent patients.

Burn/Trauma step-down:
30 bed unit specializing in the care of burn patients and patients with traumatic injuries (e.g. gunshot wounds, falls, motor vehicle accidents).

provides hemodialysis services to inpatients requiring treatment. An average of 45 HD treatments are performed daily within the unit and/or at the patient's bedside.

Medical/Surgical Specialties - Inpatient Oncology

Medical Oncology:
30-bed unit provides care to A wide variety of cancer diagnoses. Patients receiving complex chemotherapy protocol treatments, myelosuppressed oncology patients following chemotherapy treatment and protocols and patients receiving radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer are seen on this unit.

Surgical Oncology:
30-bed unit provides care to general and surgical oncology patients with nursing sub specialties in the complex treatment and protocols of patients following gastrointestinal and gynecologic surgery, chemotherapy treatment, intraperitoneal chemotherapy, and a variety of surgical bariatric procedures.


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