Perioperative Services

Perioperative Services

MedStar Washington Hospital Center has a total of 33 operating suites supporting our extensive operative services.

Search for job openingsOur RN Residency program in Perioperative Services is offered for RNs with one year of Med/Surg experience and no perioperative experience. The program to prepare an RN for the operating room consists of three weeks of classroom instruction, followed by six-eight months of clinical orientation. Nurses preparing to work in the preoperative and postoperative areas will attend 5 days of classroom instruction and approximately 10 weeks of clinical orientation covering both the preoperative and postoperative areas.

Main Operating Room and the Post-Anesthesia Care Recovery Room (PACU)

This area has 21 operating suites and 2 satellite operating suites. Perioperative Services perform 25,000 surgical cases annually. Many of the cases in the Main Operating Room are cutting edge, complex and include Trauma, Open Heart, Neurosurgery, Transplant, Orthopedics and Oncology. Other specialties include a state of the art Endovascular Suite and Robotics. The Post-Anesthesia Care Recovery Room (PACU), a leading edge space designed to support critical care nursing, is one of the few in the country with an acute care nurse practitioner practicing daily on the unit providing tremendous support to our nursing staff. It includes a 24/7 system with 17 bays to recover patients from surgery in the main operating room system. The majority of these patients go to a medical-surgical nursing unit or to intensive care after recovery. Care is coordinated and directed in a team oriented process.

Admission Testing Center

ATC provides preoperative assessment and testing for AM admit and outpatients who require anesthesia services, prior to their surgery/procedure date. This can include a history and physical, lab work, and ECG. In addition to skilled registered nurses and phlebotomists, the ATC staff includes advance clinicians (Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants) who are trained by the anesthesiology team to provide thorough and safe pre-anesthesia assessment and clearance. The ATC is open Monday through Friday for patient convenience.

Ambulatory Operating Room

Open Monday through Friday, the third floor unit includes eight operating rooms, a burn debridement room, two treatment rooms, preoperative preparation and recovery. Surgical specialties served in this area include (but are not limited to) renal vascular, urology, gynecology, burns and ophthalmology surgeries. It also houses a robot used for urology surgeries.

Same Day Surgery Recovery Room

This unit cares for both in-house and newly arriving patients with 18 preoperative preparation bays and 6 post-operative recovery bays. Our anesthesiology pain team works closely with the nursing staff to optimize pain management in the early postoperative period. Patients having same day surgery recover from anesthesia and, when appropriate, are prepared for discharge to home the same day. Same Day surgery nurse conduct postoperative phone calls within 48 hours of discharge to follow up on outpatient recovery.

Endoscopy Suite

The endoscopy suite has 8 procedure rooms. Serving a mix of inpatients and outpatients, this unit performs a variety of endoscopic and diagnostic procedures including colonoscopies, ERCP, EGD, bronchoscopies, hydrogen breath tests and motility studies.