Women’s and Infants’ Services


Women's Services

Search for job openingsWomen's Services perform an average of 4,000 deliveries each year. With our nationally-recognized NICU, patients with high-risk pregnancies and complex circumstances receive expert, compassionate care. Our unique program, Special Moms and Special Babies, coordinates the delivery of mothers whose babies require more specialized care by Children's National Medical Center, including conjoined twins, cardiac abnormalities and other conditions requiring neonatal surgery immediately after delivery.

The Women's and Infants' Services team has been acclaimed for several evidence-based perinatal safety projects, including critical event team training, daily multi-disciplinary huddles and extensive advanced education for all patient care providers. Additionally, several members have presented innovative posters and given lectures at local and national nursing conferences, and this team includes nationally-published authors and researchers. The successful, interdisciplinary labor and delivery council provides shared governance, empowering unit staff to identify issues, then develop and implement strategies to improve all aspects of patient care.

Nursing residencies cover the spectrum of our women's and infants' services, and include AACN-courses in fetal monitoring and advanced practice strategies' modules, labor support, high-risk pregnancies and deliveries, circulating in the operating room, certification in neonatal resuscitation, breast feeding, postpartum care of mothers and normal neonates and care of preterm or sick neonates.

Labor and delivery

The labor and delivery suite consists of four observation/triage rooms, three observation/recovery rooms, 12 labor/delivery/recovery rooms, three operating rooms and one observation/recovery area with five bays. Nurses provide proficient, compassionate family-centered care for women 16 weeks pregnant and beyond. We provide comprehensive clinical care and support for antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum patients with needs that range from uncomplicated to those with the most complex physical and emotional issues. These include patients with mild to severe preeclampsia, diabetes, kidney disease, cardiac disease, hematologic/oncologic disease, obesity, congenital disorders, etc.

Working collaboratively with Children's National Medical Center, our "Special Moms, Special Babies" program coordinates the deliveries of babies requiring the immediate attention of the specialists at CNMC.

We have an extensive bereavement program for patients and families experiencing fetal or neonatal loss. Our nurses are trained to circulate on surgical cases, including Caesarian sections, tubal ligations, and D and Cs, as well as recovering these patients, including those who have received general anesthesia.

Mother/Baby and High-Risk Antepartum

These inpatient units include 36-bed ante-partum and post-partum units and a 17-bed newborn nursery. Nurses provide both ante-partum and postpartum care on both units. We provide care for diabetic patients, preterm labor surveillance, gestational hypertension surveillance and other conditions that require acute or extended hospitalizations.

We offer an environment where there is a family centered focus with great emphasis on providing excellent support and education to the mother and family in the care and well being of the newborn. We provide excellent support and education in exclusively breastfeeding to provide the very best start for our smallest patients. The nursing staff is supported by the clinical expertise of Clinical Care Facilitators (CCF).

Newborn Nursery

The newborn nursery is used for normal newborns undergoing assessments and procedures (such as circumcision), as well as the care of newborns with hyperbilirubinemia & other minor complications.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Level III NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and Intermediate Care Nursery

There are 36-beds Level III NICU providing care for neonates with gestational age range from 23- weeks to full term (40+ weeks) neonates. The primary diagnosis is prematurity, respiratory distress, resulting in infants requiring ventilator support, incubator support, cardio-respiratory monitoring and frequent observation. Care is also provided to neonates with presumptive or diagnosed sepsis, aspiration pneumonia, gastrointestinal diseases, reflux, feeding difficulties and other disease processes.

Newborns are admitted from the Labor and Delivery Suite. Infants requiring surgical intervention are transported to Children's National Medical Center by their medical team. Siblings are allowed scheduled visits.

High Risk Perinatal Clinic

Our team of well-respected perinatologists, genetic specialists, sonographers and nurses provide highly-specialized outpatient care and consultation to women with medically and/or emotionally complicated pregnancies with dignity and respect.

OB-GYN Clinic

The OB-GYN clinic provides primary care and ambulatory diagnostic, treatment and education; pre/post natal services to normal and high risk pregnancies and OB-GYN care to women of all ages. Patients are referred as inpatients, by their physician or make an appointment on their own.

The OB-GYN services include colposcopy, infertility, family planning, post menopausal and urogynecology services. The OB-GYN clinic provides services to high risk groups, such as gestational diabetics and those with HIV infection.

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