Schools of Nursing Collaborations

MedStar Washington Hospital Center is committed to the nursing profession and has a long history of providing clinical experiences to undergraduate and graduate nursing students. To this end, the Hospital Center is receptive to providing clinical opportunities to staff/nurses who are pursuing higher degrees and to schools of nursing pursuing affiliations with our institution.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center Nurses Seeking Practicum Experience provides information for nurses employed at the Hospital Center who are enrolled in graduate programs for clinical specialists, administration, education, and informatics. Learn more about the practicum experience at the Hospital Center.

Please note that if you are a MedStar Washington Hospital Center staff nurse enrolled in NP, CRNA or CNM programs you should arrange your clinical hours through GME (Graduate Medical Education).

External Schools of Nursing provides information for schools of nursing that are interested in pursuing an affiliation agreement with the Hospital Center and schools of nursing with affiliation agreements with the Hospital Center that are requesting clinical site placement at the Hospital Center. See seeking collaborations and requesting placement for more information.