External Schools of Nursing

Seeking Collaborations

Schools of nursing that wish to establish affiliation agreements with MedStar Washington Hospital Center need to answer the following questions and submit answers by email to [email protected]:

  1. Is your nursing program accredited by the NLN (NLNAC) and /or AACN (CCNE)?
  2. Are you pursuing clinical experiences for BSN or MSN students?
  3. Do you require master prepared faculty nursing supervision for your undergraduate nursing students? (Faculty should have MSN or BSN with MBA or MPH)
  4. For senior preceptorship, do you have nursing faculty oversight with faculty site visits?
  5. For graduate students, do you have either master prepared or doctorate nursing faculty oversight? ( i.e. faculty member communicates directly with preceptor a minimum of 3 times during the preceptorship)

Please note: Your request/affiliation agreement may take up to 6 months to complete.

While the Hospital Center welcomes your requests and is committed to being a premier site for school placements, your affiliation does not guarantee placement.

Requesting Placement

Requests for clinical placement must be submitted in advance on or before the designated due dates.

Fall semester requests: May 1st
Spring semester requests: October 1st
Summer semester requests: February 1st

Requests [pdf] must be submitted to [email protected] by the school clinical coordinator.

The Hospital Center will notify schools of nursing about available clinical sites within 30 days of the designated due date.

Please insure that school clinical coordinator and clinical faculty are familiar with the Hospital Center Faculty/Nursing Guidelines for Clinical Rotations Policy [pdf].

Clinical coordinators must download and complete the Certification of Student Requirements and Confidentiality Statement forms and submit it to [email protected].

Please insure that clinical faculty and nursing students have completed all requirements. A Checklist is provided within the Faculty/Nursing Guidelines policy.

All required clinical clearance information and must be completed prior to entering clinical site.

Failure to submit documents in advance will result in dismissal of part or all of clinical group including clinical instructor from the Hospital Center campus.

Please refer to Timeline tool (in policy) for dates to complete pre-entry tasks and verification. Adhering to the timeline is essential to secure clinical placement. Failure to meet any deadline may jeopardize placement.

Clinical Faculty Orientation

Faculty orientation is held twice per year (once prior to Fall and to Spring semesters).

Faculty orientation is mandatory for all clinical faculty and must be repeated every 2 years.

The Hospital Center will communicate with clinical coordinators regarding orientation dates and enrolling clinical faculty in orientation.

Please direct any questions to [email protected]