Home Health Care

Hospital stays are very short today. You might go home before you fully understand your diagnosis; before you can handle your wound care by yourself; before you can get out of bed by yourself; or while you are still weak and unable to go to the doctor's office for follow-up care. These are examples of when home care can provide a continuation of the care you received in the hospital, from nursing, therapy or aide services.

Home care can bring the services, technologies, therapies and equipment of a hospital into the comfort and privacy of your home.

MedStar Health Home Care has been providing home care since 1900. We can ease your transition from hospital to home because we know what many of your questions and concerns are and have answers. The first step is knowing that you, a family member or your doctor can call 1-800-862-2166 to arrange for home care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MedStar Health Home Care works with your doctor and you to develop an individualized care plan. We then put together a home care team of skilled professionals who work with you and your family to understand your condition, determine how many visits and what types of services you can expect to receive, and provide your care.

The home care team may include a nurse, therapist, home health aide, social worker or nutritionist depending on your needs. The team may also include IV therapy to provide chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy, and pain control therapy or total parenteral nutrition. MedStar Health Home Care can also provide and coordinate the delivery of home medical equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds and commodes, oxygen and respiratory equipment and supplies.

If you need home care and live in Maryland, Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia, MedStar Health Home Care would like to provide your care. Your safety, recovery and independence at home are our primary goals. Please call 1-800-862-2166.