Patient Rooms

We are committed to ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible during your stay with us. Your room assignment depends upon the type of care you require. Some services are restricted to specific locations to ensure proper care is being provided. We will make every effort to provide the type of accommodations that you request.

Please be aware that we have a limited number of private rooms and they are assigned based on medical necessity and then on a first-come, first-served basis as they are available. Deluxe private rooms and suites in a hotel-like setting are available for an additional charge. We offer patients deluxe private rooms in several patient care units throughout the Hospital, along with deluxe private suites in a spacious new patient care unit known as The Pavilion. The Pavilion's rooms feature fine art, fine furniture and fine linens; spacious tiled baths with marble vanities; and many other amenities usually found only in luxury hotels. Gourmet meals are prepared by The Pavilion's own chef in its own kitchen. Concierge and business services also are available.

Upon admission, the nursing staff will acquaint you with various features in your room, including your bed's electrical controls and the nurse-call system. Here are a few suggestions to make your stay as safe as possible:

  • Keep the top two side rails raised while in bed to avoid rolling out while asleep or under sedation.
  • Store eyeglasses and dentures in the drawer of your bedside table (and be sure to place dentures in the special cup for that purpose - do not wrap them in tissues - and ask the nurse for a label with your name and room number to place on the cup in the event it is misplaced).
  • Do not use electric appliances such as blow dryers and shavers (battery-operated razors are acceptable).
  • Inform the nurse of any medications you brought from home and use them only if your doctor writes the order to do so and under nursing supervision.