Clinical Pastoral Education

We are excited that you are interested in our Clinical Pastoral Education Program (CPE).  CPE is a ministry experience that affords clergy, seminarians, or laypersons an opportunity to enhance pastoral and spiritual care skills.  It is also an opportunity for the one enrolled in CPE to take an honest and evaluative look at one’s own ministry through dialogue and feedback with supervisors and peers.  Listed below are the upcoming CPE program dates and components, requirements for application and for admission consideration, fees, tuition for summer or extended units.  You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible within 4 to 6 months prior to the start of the training desired.

Chaplain Intern Program


  • Dates: May 26 – August 8, 2014
  • This is one unit of CPE (400 hrs. minimum) scheduled as a full-time 40+ hour week of Clinical Pastoral Education during 12 consecutive summer weeks.  You can expect to have night and weekend on-call and Sunday morning responsibilities during the unit in addition to Monday – Friday daytime hours.  Interns usually have one to two overnight or weekend on-call assignments per week throughout the program.  The program includes patient care visits, didactic sessions, and individual supervisor and group learning experiences.  No absences will be approved since a minimum quality of hours and components are necessary to meet the basic qualifications for completion of the unit.


  • Dates: September 2015 – May 2016
  • The CPE faculty starts the interview process in June for applications received and continues the selection process until the program is filled.
  • This is one unit of CPE (400 hrs. minimum) spread out over a time period requiring a commitment of approximately 12 hours per week plus scheduled weekend and weekday night on-call duty.  All day Thursday is the scheduled education day.  Everyone is required to be present.  The remaining four hours are designated for patient visitation and for individual supervisory sessions determined by each chaplain intern in consultation with his/her supervisor.  (Any absences or make-up adjustments must be approved in advance.)

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