Chaplain Resident I and II Program

Chaplain Resident I and II Program

MedStar Washington Hospital Center Department of Spiritual Care has a residency program in Clinical Pastoral Education, with four one-year positions at the level of Chaplain Resident I and one Supervisory Education Chaplain Resident II position.

Chaplain Resident I

Applicants for the Chaplain Resident I positions who are applying for a one-year residency (four units of CPE) may apply three to five months prior to the start date of the program. Our year long Resident program occurs from the end of May/early June through May of the following year.

Applicants who have completed one unit of CPE will be preferred, however, in the case of international applicants and those from faith traditions that have not had access to CPE, this requirement may be waived. Applicants who have been ordained or close to ordination as well as those with advanced theological studies, such as an M.T.S. or a M.Div. are preferred. However, in cases where these requirements are not part of the applicant’s faith tradition, these requirements may be waived.

As vacancies to positions occur, selected applicants will be interviewed by members of the CPE faculty and/or members of the Spiritual Care Advisory Board. Applicants will also be interviewed by Human Resources. Applicants must be approved by Human Resources and successfully complete a routine background check before an appointment can be confirmed.

Deadline for applying to the Chaplain Resident I program is April 1.

Stipend Resident I Chaplains

  • CPE tuition waived
  • $27,500 Stipend
  • 2 Weeks flexible time (to be used as vacation/sick time)
  • Administrative Leave for maintenance of Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  • Access to MWHC Health Benefits
  • Access to MWHC Tuition Reimbursement
  • Free Parking
  • Registration fees for Conferences that are part of training curriculum
  • Clergy Housing Allowance (for those who qualify)

Non-stipend Resident I Chaplains

  • CPE tuition waived
  • 2 Weeks Paid-Time-Off (PTO)
  • Administrative Leave for maintenance of Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  • Free Parking
  • Registration fees for Conferences that are part of training curriculum

Application Instructions for Chaplain Resident I:

Application forms may be downloaded from the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education website: or you may call them at 404-320-1472 and request a fax or mail copy.

Submit the following:

  1. A completed ACPE application (two pages signed/dated)
  2. Essay responses to items #2,3,4,5, and 6 (a maximum of five pages per question/response)
  3. One verbatim (pastoral encounter must be within the past two years)
  4. Copies of self and supervisory evaluations from ALL previous unit(s)
  5. Letter of endorsement, good standing or reference from a person within associated faith tradition. This is typically from the Chaplaincy Endorsing agency of your faith tradition.
  6. Enclose a check or money order for $25.00 (made payable to “MWHC Dept of Spiritual Care”) for your application processing fee.

Send the completed package to:

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Department of Spiritual Care
Attn: Chaplain Thomas Chirdo
110 Irving St., NW, 1B-18
Washington, D.C. 20010-2975
Phone: 202-877-3335
Email: [email protected]

Please do not send applications to the ACPE Office.

Due to the number of applicants only those accepted or requesting to be placed on a waiting list will be notified via email.

Chaplain Resident II

Chaplain Residents II are involved in ACPE Supervisory Education.  Completion of four prior accredited units of CPE from ACPE is required of Resident II applicants as well as ordination/ecclesiastical endorsement and a Master's level Theological Degree or equivalent.  This position is salaried and includes, free parking, clergy housing allowance letter (for those eligible), meals while on-call, waived tuition and vacation/paid time off based upon MedStar Washington Hospital Center payroll accrual system.  Health insurance is available.  The Resident II at MedStar Washington Hospital Center participates in the Washington/ Baltimore ACPE Sub-Regional Area Group's regular Supervisors-in-Training education process.  As a training position, you can expect that some weeks exceed the customary 40-hour work week.  The Resident II has major administrative responsibility in assisting the CPE faculty in recruitment of applicants for the summer and extended programs.  He/she is expected to be involved and participate in all aspects of the curriculum for summer or extended students.  The position is available on a rotating basis.  Anticipated completion of training is within two to three years.

For more information about supervisory education refer to the ACPE website - refer to the Standards Manual and Certification Manual.  Anyone applying for this program must directly contact the Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor at MedStar Washington Hospital Center for additional application requirements.

At this time the Chaplain Resident II position is not vacant.

For standard application form, additional information about clinical pastoral education and for international student guidelines, please go to the organization's website