CPE Frequently Asked Questions


The curriculum for all CPE students-summer, extended or Chaplain Residents I or II includes the following components:

  • Direct patient care on assigned units in the MedStar Washington Hospital Center (MWHC)
  • Hospital-wide On-Call experience (weekday, evenings and weekends)
  • Case presentations: each participant presents verbatims for consultation in the assigned supervisory peer group
  • Group sessions: students have the opportunity to use the group for personal and professional growth
  • Individual supervision with an assigned clinical supervisor
  • Didactic presentations
  • Inclusiveness seminars focused on issues of diversity (i.e. cultural differences, race, gender, sexual orientation, and faith traditions) and the impact on spiritual care
  • Theological reflection seminars
  • Worship leadership and seminars
  • Mid-unit and Final written evaluations

Application for Summer or Extended CPE Units as Chaplain Intern:

Application forms may be downloaded from the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education website or you may call them at 404-320-1472 and request a fax or mail copy.

Applicants may elect to submit applications electronically in a PDF format.  Emailed applications must have all required documentation in a single email.  A completed summer or extended unit application includes the following:

  1. Signed/dated Application & Instructions (two pages).
  2. Essay responses to items #2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (a maximum of five pages per question/response)
  3. Letter of Reference from the persons listed on your application. CC: Volunteer Services.
  4. A letter (maximum of three paragraphs) answering: “Why I want to do CPE at MedStar Washington Hospital Center?” CC: Volunteer Services.
  5. Application fee of $50.00 in the form of a check or money order made payable to “MWHC Dept of Spiritual Care.”

Application packets emailed or faxed must include a statement indicating the status of the application fee, such as date mailed or delivery date to the Spiritual Care office (Room 1B-18, located in the main hospital next door to the MWHC Chapel).” Applications are processed upon receipt of a completed packet which includes, essay responses and fee. Please send your completed application to MedStar Washington Hospital Center and not the ACPE office.

If you have had prior unit(s) of CPE, you will need to include Final Self and Supervisor’s Evaluations of all prior unit(s) with your application. Persons applying to our CPE program may be requested to have an interview with our center personnel. You will receive e-mail or written acknowledgement of receipt of your application and fee along with notations concerning any additionally needed information/material. Applicants not accepted to the program are also notified.

Tuition for summer and extended CPE Units:

If this is your first unit of CPE at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, tuition for the unit is $1,000. Payment is always by check or money order made out to “MWHC Dept. of Spiritual Care”. Within two weeks of a notification letter being sent to you indicating acceptance into the CPE program, a $200 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your place for the unit. The remaining balance is due the first week of the program. Prior to beginning the unit, the faculty is open to discussing financial payment arrangements as needed; these may include working extra on-call shifts after the unit is finished to satisfy any remaining tuition balance.

All inquiries and correspondence should be directed to:

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Department of Spiritual Care
Attn: Emmanuel Saidi
110 Irving St., NW, 1B-18
Washington, D.C. 20010-2975
Phone: 202-877-3335
Email: [email protected]

Applications may be emailed as PDFs to [email protected] with payments mailed to the above address.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center Department of Spiritual Care's Clinical Pastoral Education program is accredited for programs of Level I/Level II and Supervisory CPE by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., 1549 Claremont Road, Suite 103, Decatur, GA 30033, phone: 404-320-1472. For standard application form, additional information about clinical pastoral education and for international student guidelines, please go to the organization's website: www.ACPE.edu.