Teen Parent Program Earns Prestigious Community Service Award

Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting is a Lifeline for Young District Mothers

October 16, 2013

Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting is a Lifeline for Young District Mothers

Washington, DC., October 16, 2013 - The District of Columbia Hospital Association (DCHA) has honored MedStar Washington Hospital Center with its coveted Haynes Rice Community Service Award for the hospital’s Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting (TAPP), a comprehensive youth program that guides teens through their pregnancy and beyond.

The Haynes Rice Community Service Award recognizes individuals or organizations for meritorious service to improve the health status of the communities it serves, by demonstrating leadership to solve problems and overcome barriers to cooperative action.

Founded in 1999, one of TAPP’s overarching goals has been to change the mindset of teens.

For many young mothers and fathers in the city, TAPP has served as a vital connection to a future that offers options, not obstacles,” said Loral Patchen, CNM, executive director of TAPP. “We support these teens to parent successfully, live meaningful lives and act with purpose in their community.”

TAPP has served more than 2,000 teens under the age of 18, and provided them with high-quality clinical and social support to in order to prevent subsequent unintended pregnancies. The program has demonstrated that encouraging healthy relationships, social responsibility and focusing on the value of education have prevented a second adolescent pregnancy.

Several figures have proven that the program is a success. A federally funded three-year evaluation of TAPP outcomes showed that repeat pregnancy rates among TAPP participants was 6 percent, compared to an average of almost 20 percent for District teens overall. TAPP has consistently sustained subsequent teen birth rates at less than 10 percent, and in fiscal year 2013 alone, the rate was more than 5 percent.

TAPP is the longest running program in the District that has provided prenatal care exclusively to teenage girls. In FY 2013, TAPP provided support to 348 teens.

The TAPP program is funded through grants and philanthropic donations, and through support from MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s Department of Women’s and Infants’ Services.

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