The Journal of Hospital Ethics

The Journal of Hospital Ethics

The Journal of Hospital Ethics (JOHE) is a specialized, peer reviewed periodical directed at clinicians, bioethicists, hospital administrators, and all manner of health care professionals. JOHE also serves as an educational resource for medical and surgical residency programs, ethics committees, and graduate schools across the country and abroad.

JOHE takes a common sense approach to bioethics education by including real cases encountered in hospital-based patient care, thoughtful and scholarly articles written by experienced healthcare professionals, and practical guidance to assist in resolving ethical uncertainties and conflict.

The Journal of Hospital Ethics is a partner journal of The American Society for Bioethics & Humanities (ASBH). Please visit JOHE's associated web page on the ASBH site, and learn more about this year's ASBH conference by following the links below:

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The John J. Lynch, MD Center for Ethics at MedStar Washington Hospital Center produced the Journal of Hospital Ethics (JOHE) Volume 4 for 2015. Please visit our subscription page and subscribe today.

  •   Volume 4, Issue 1: COMMUNICATION - Fall 2015
  •   Volume 4, Issue 2: NEUROETHICS – Winter 2017
  •   Volume 4, Issue 3: PROCEEDINGS of ICCEC 2016 – Spring 2017

All manuscripts relating to these topics must be submitted according to the submission guidelines.

The Journal of Hospital Ethics

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For more information, please contact Evan DeRenzo at 202-877-0246 or [email protected] .

Editorial Policy

All contributions to The Journal of Hospital Ethics will be reviewed for publication on the understanding that they are not under consideration, accepted or already published elsewhere. All articles submitted will be peer reviewed by at least one member of the Editorial Board. The final decision on acceptance or rejection will remain at the discretion of the editorial staff of the journal. The authors of all material accepted for publication will be required to assign copyright to the publisher, and a form for this purpose will accompany the proofs.

Letters to the Editor

All comments are welcome and should be addresses to the Editor- in- Chief, Dr. Evan Derenzo at [email protected]. Letters to the Editor should not exceed 500 words.

Submission Guidelines

The Journal of Hospital Ethics (JOHE) is a specialized periodical focused on ethical issues as they relate to the care of patients in the context of hospital medicine. We welcome submissions of completed manuscripts for consideration for publication by authors with professional expertise and clinical involvement in the topics listed above. Submissions on topics involving clinical bioethics broadly construed will be considered, although papers focused specifically on future designated JOHE topics will be given priority. Articles should be scholarly and tightly focused to inform clinicians about how to approach and help resolve specific ethical issues that arise in a hospital setting.

Because JOHE represents a distinct focus, articles are subject to a rigorous editorial review process, followed by a standard peer review. Please limit article submissions to 2500 words. For further information regarding submission guidelines, please contact Christian Carrozzo at [email protected].

Photocopy and Reprint Permissions

No part of this journal may be reproduced by any process or technique without written permission. For reprint permissions, contact the editorial office at 202-877-0246.