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Cardiovascular Physician  is a publication of MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute. It is a forum to share clinical, research and teaching information in cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular care.


May/June 2021 Connections bi-monthly publication

May/June 2021

Upcoming continuing professional education conferences.
GME Graduates: Thank You, for a Job Well Done
New Cardiac Surgery chair eager to piece together the big picture.
Flurry of drug approvals target treatment for neurological conditions.
Vaccine skepticism poses pandemic’s latest challenge
APP focus: Danielle McCamey, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC, FCCP. Pre-Anesthesia Testing
Chief resident profile: Albana Simoni, DDS. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Physician spotlight: Samir Sur, MD. Cerebrovascular, Neuroendovascular, and Skull Base Surgery
Physician’s Perspective: From the desk of Susan O’Mara, MD. Chair, Emergency Medicine



March/April 2021 Connections bi-monthly publication

March/April 2021

Upcoming continuing professional education conferences.
Continuing to improve the highest quality, safest care in the region.
Sepsis performance improvement 2.0 opens a new chapter.
“Long-Haul” symptoms complicate COVID-19 recovery.
New companionship outside of work: Providers adopt pandemic pets.
MedStar Medical Group continues to energize and evolve.
Thoughts about COVID-19 from behind a resident’s mask.
APP focus: Gina Heyrana, CRNP. Chief APP, Cardiac Surgery.
Chief resident profile: Shirley Chen, DPM. Podiatric Surgery.
Physician spotlight: Scott Shepperd, MD, and Gillian Southwell, MD. Hospital Medicine.
Perspective: From the desk of Kenneth Burman, MD. Section Director, Endocrinology.


January/February 2021 Connections bi-monthly publication

January/February 2021

Upcoming continuing professional education conferences.
A year of demonstrating One Team successes.
GME directors morphed into video stars, for recruitment during pandemic.
COVID-19 vaccinations begin with frontline providers and associates.
COVID-19 complications go straight to the heart.
What to do about the 2020 impact on healthcare providers.
Well-being is an important MedStar Health Initiative
In sickness and in health: when you and your spouse work together
Pandemic inpatient and outpatient surgical experiences yield happy associate patients.
APP focus: Gina Heyrana, CRNP. Chief APP, Cardiac Surgery.
Chief resident profile: Vi Duong, MD. Obstetrics & Gynecology.
Physician spotlight: Sara E. Berkey, MD. Colon & Rectal Surgery.
Perspective: From the desk of Stuart F. Seides, MD. Physician Executive Director, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute.

November/December 2020 Connections bi-monthly publication

November/December 2020

We’ve had a year like no other.
Safe Babies Safe Moms program sets the stage for better outcomes.
During the pandemic, many factors led to feeling safe, while continuing to do surgery.
Two centers of excellence give patient a life-saving second chance.
New chair of Medicine finds a familiar environment to take on new challenges.
Research paves the way to health equity.
Hospital Center families cope with the pandemic’s ongoing school daze.
A new hybrid approach to complex deep venous disease.
APP focus: Maria Leber, PA-C
Chief resident profile: Kaytlin Hack, MD
Physician spotlight: Kryssy Maloni, MD
Perspective: From the desk of George Obeid, DDS.


September/October 2020 Connections bi-monthly publication

September/October 2020

2020, A Year of Challenge and Opportunity
Now is a Critical Time for Research
New Robotic Arm Enhances Spine Surgeries and Increases Precision
Even the Pandemic Doesn't Deter 100-year-old Patient from Necessary Care
Vocal Surgery Corrects a Decades-Long Patient Problem
New Physicians Begin Their Residencies
MedStar Orthopaedic Surgeon Helps Save Alice the Crane
In the Hockstein Family, (Medical) History Repeats Itself
APP Focus: Janeen Constantine, CRNP
Chief Resident Profile: Candice Thompson, MD
Physician Spotlight: Hiroto Kitahara, MD
Perspective: From the Desk of Jennifer Ayscue, MD


July/August 2020

The Crystal Ball for FY 21 May Be Cloudy, But Our Vision is Clear
MedStar Telehealth Successfully Blended Patient Care and Provider Safety for the Pandemic
COVID-19: Providers Are Part of the Story
A Physician Reports On His First-hand Hospital Experience with COVID-19
A Successful Delivery of our First COVID-19 Positive Mother
Coping with the Emotional Fallout of COVID-19
Exercise Group Helps Providers Cope With COVID-19
APP Focus: Sarah Sabo, ACNP-BC
Chief Resident Profile: Lakshmi Jayaram, MD
Physician Spotlight: Shane Kappler, MD
Perspecitve: Perioperative Services


May/June 2020

A Physician's First Hand Experience with COVID-19
Planning for Pandemic "What ifs" Requires Year Round Preparations
Cervical Disc Repair is a Life-Changer for Detective
Thomas Stahl, MD Retires as Chair of Surgery
Former Surgical Resident Thanks Mentors, Settles in to California Life
2020 Match Day Welcomes 273 New Residents
APP Center Stage: Cynthia Bither, CRNP. Advanced Heart Failure Program
Chief Resident Profile - Megan Moroux, MD, Opthalmology
Physican Spotlight: Miriam Fischer, MD, Emergency Medicine



March/April 2020

A Thank You to All Members of the Medical & Dental Staff, Residents, and Fellows 
Collaboration, Communication, and Clear, Concise Actions Save Mom and Baby
New In-House Acute Pain Service Benefits Patients Who Need Pain Control
Three Open Heart Surgiers; One Family; One System
Global Health Track Provides a True “Big Picture” for Graduate Medical Education
New Bronchoscope Platform Broadens Cancer Treatment Horizons
Travel Adventures For Two Physicians End in Emergency Visits to Hospitals
Chief Resident Profile - Gregory Shank, DDS, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
Kristen Nelson, ACNP, MBA, Director of Advanced Practice Providers, Critical Care
Physicians Perspective - David H. Song, MD, MBA, Physician Executive Director, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 



January/February 2020

Patient Safety Indicators: Why They’re Important
Quick Return to Activity After Minimally Invasive Surgery
Queries: Why It’s Important to Clarify Your Chart
When It Comes to Email Phishing Please Don’t Take the Bait
Around the World with Anesthesiology: Four APPs Circle the Globe
Stephen Gunther, MD Skates into Retirement
Upcoming CPE Conferences
Navigating Changes During the Year of the Nurse by Tonya Washington, Chief Nursing Officer
Chief Resident Profile- Jessica Arneson, DPM - Podiatric Surgery
Spotlight- Javairiah Fatima, MD - Vascular Surgery
Physician's Perspective- Vesna Petronic-Rosic, MD Chair, Dermatology


November/December 2019

Preparing for IMOC 2.0 A Benefit to You and Your Patients
Care for Our Caregivers The Future for the Medical & Dental Staff
From Dyads to Triads: New Structure Means New Support For Unit-Based Clinical Leadership
From the Connections Editorial Board: “Is There a Doctor in the House?”
A Washington Institution: Race to Beat Cancer 5K
Inspiring a Culture of Gratitude - Harvey Green, CFRE, Vice President & Chief Philanthropy Officer
Safety Contracts Protect Hospital Associates, Patients and Families
Upcoming CPE Conferences: Lifelong Learning
Minority Representation in Research: Why MedStar is Best Positioned to Increase Engagement
Chief Resident Profile- Irina Tunnage, DO, MHS - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Spotlight- Gaby Weissman, MD, Cardiac MRI, Fellowship Director, Cardiovascular Disease
Physician's Perspective- Edward Aulisi, MD, Chair, Neurosurgery


September/October 2019

Why Your Patient’s Experience Is a Big Part of Quality and Safety
Chance Conversation Catches an Early Cancer
2019 Gold-Headed Cane Award: Congratulations to Carmella Cole, MD & Arthur West, MD
Bare Below the Elbows: Goodbye to the White Coat?
Where Are They Now? Former Residents Pursue Exciting Careers
Multidisciplinary Care Provides Hope, Healing, and a New Life
On the Road to Morocco With a Baby on Board
Chief Resident Profile- Patrick Finan, MD - Emergency Medicine
Chief Resident Profile- Min Deng, MD - Dermatology
Physician's Perspective- Jeffrey Shupp, MD - The Burn Center





July/August 2019

What You Do Makes a Difference For Every Patient, Every Time
Transitions Clinic Helps Cardiovascular Patients on Path to Home Self-Care
Multidisciplinary Surgical Team Joins Together For Collaborative Clinical Expertise and Treatment
Physicians and Retirement: The Case for Gradually Cutting Back
A “Hands-On” Unique Experience Sharpens Skills for ED Physicians
In Memoriam: Paul Corso, MD, Former Chair of Cardiac Surgery, MedStar Washington Hospital Center and MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute
From ATC to PAT: Pre-Anesthesia Testing Center Optimizes Patients for Surgery
Chief Resident Profile- Rajus Chopra, MD- Internal Medicine
Spotlight- Ebony Hoskins, MD, Gynecologic Oncology
Physician's Perspective- Ed Woo, MD, Chairman, Vascular Surgery




May/June 2019

Two-Way Communications: Our Way Forward As ONE TEAM
A "Mini" Procedure, A Maximum Effect
Time-Sensitive Diagnosis, Fast Intervention Saves Humanitarian Wife and Mom
MedStar House Call Program: An Update
Six Years, One Thousand Operations, and Countless Memories
Improving Patient Care: Collaborative Medicine Between Departments
The Current and Future State of MMG (MedStar Medical Group)
March Madness: Finding the Best and the Brightest
Upcoming CPE Conferences and Events
News and Notes
Chief Resident Profile: Kristen Midgley, MD
Spotlight: Kenneth L. Fan, MD
Physician's Perspective: From the Desk of... Pamela Randolph-Jackson, MD


March/April 2019MedStar Washington Hospital Center Connections March/April 2019

First Impression: We're Working Together, As One Team
Physician Wellness- A Priority for MedStar Health 
Dental Issue Leads to Cardiac Surgery For Former Hospital Associate
Viewpoint: Can Adopting New Standards on Inpatient Opioid Prescribing Result in Reduced Intravenous Opioid Exposure?
New Perioperative Services Team: Past the Crossroads, Progressing Ahead 
"Above & Beyond" Awards for Medical & Dental Staff
Chief Resident Profile- Colin Mizuo, DPM, Podiatric Surgery/ Joshua Dearing, MD, Vascular Surgery
Physican's Perspective: David Shocket, MD, Gastroenterology




Sept/Oct 2018<Connection Sept/Oct Cover Page

Several Points of Order, For the Good of the Whole
The Importance of Reporting Patient Safety Events
2018 Gold-Heading Care Award: Congratulations to Jayashree Krishnan, MD
For Physician Veterans Leadership is a Career-Long Assignment
3D Printing: The Future of Visualized Medicine Teaches Residents, Benefits Patients
New Physician Leaders Bring New Perspective, Energy to Department
Upcoming CPE Conferences
News & Notes
Chief Resident Profile: Jonathan Watson, MD
Spotlight: Puja G. Khaitan, MD, FACS
Physician’s Perspective: George Obeid, DDS



July/August 2018<Connection July/August Cover Page

Upcoming CPE Conferences
One Team: Our Way Forward
“One Team: Our Way Forward” Guides New Hospital President
Paul Corso, MD: Pushing Through Boundaries to Create a New Cardiac Surgery Paradigm
from Advanced Practice Clinicians to Advanced Practice Providers
Chief Resident Profile: Mithun Devraj, MBBS
Spotlight: Matthew L. Pierce, MD
Physician’s Perspective: Stanley Chia, MD
Chief Resident Profile: Saher Sabri, MD




May/June 2018<Connection May/June Cover Page

Where We Are, Where We’re Going: One Team, Moving Forward Together
New Technique Expands Life Saving Use of TAVA
Doctors Treating Doctors: The Art of Practicing Medicine When Colleagues Are Patients
Former Residents: Where Did They Go, What Are They Doing?
Having the Difficult Conversation: When Should Compassionate Care Begin?
Fourth Year Surgical Resident Reflects on This Past Year
The Gap Busters: Reducing Risk, Improving Patient Safety
Upcoming CPE Conferences
News & Notes
Chief Resident Profile: Mohamed Abdel Hakim, DDS
Spotlight: John Lazar, MD
Physician’s Perspective: Jonathan Hwang, MD



March/April 2018Connection March/April Cover Page

Prevent FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out: Use IMOC to Improve Patient Quality & Safety
“I Thought I’d Never Be Able to Work Again”: Neck Surgery Patient Praises New Procedure
The Radiology Operations Center: One Point of Access for All Physicians
A Life-Changing Procedure: Cochlear Implant Lets Her Hear “Happy Birthday” at Her Party
The Patient Experience, Up Close and Personal
A Life Truly in the Balance
Listen to the Music
Upcoming CPE Conferences
News & Notes
Chief Resident Profile: Jacqui Weber, MD
Spotlight: Saher Sabri, MD
Physician’s Perspective: Stanley Chia, MD


January/ February 2018January/ February Cover Page

How You Can Help Ensure Safety at All Times
Two Knees, Two Successes
Facilitating Communications for All Clinicians
Why Providers Get the Second Degree: The Intersection Between Medicine and Business
Busy Residents Still Find Time to Volunteer
Brothers-In-Arms, and Legs and Joints
Upcoming CME Conferences: Lifelong Learning
Quick: Name Some Important Diseases
Chief Resident Profile: Meghan MacCleary, DO Obstetrics/Gynecology
Spotlight: Shannon Burton, MSN, ACNP, CCRN Stroke Center Nurse Practitioner
Physician's Perspective: From the Desk of… Stuart F. Seides, MD



November/ December 2017

Using Clear Communications to Improve the Patient Experience
Urologists Discuss Advanced Imaging versus Biomarkers
Shared Decision Making: North Carolina Military Parents Grateful to Labor & Delivery Team
Streamlining, Improving Education: MedStar Health Academic Consortium
Lowell Satler, MD Gold-Headed Cane Award Winner
Past is Prologue by Richard Goldberg, MD President, MedStar Medical
Changing of the Guard: First New Cardiac Surgery Chair in 20 Years
MedConnect III: One Electronic Health Record
Chief Resident Profile: Erika Page, MD Emergency Medicine
Spotlight: Rahul Bhat, MD Emergency Medicine
Physician's Perspective: From the Desk of Puja Gaur Khaitan, MD, FACS



Connections Sept-Oct Cover

September/ October 2017

Reach for the Stars
In Memoriam: Michael Pistole, MD
Taking A Stand Against Sepsis
What to Do When Injured on the Job
A Witch's Brew
Educating the Clinical Educator: The “Teaching Essentials” for Clinical Faculty
The Electrophysiology Pioneer Down the Hall
Upcoming CME Conferences
A New Paradigm for Advancing Health and Improving Care at MedStar
Chief Resident Profile: Michail Mavros, MD
Spotlight: Jason Chang, MD
Physicians’ Perspective: From the Desks of James Tozzi, MD and Oliver Tannous, MD


July/ August 2017

FY 18 Hospital Goals: Where YOU Can Make a Difference
Sound Treatment for a Sudden Hearing Loss
Section of Cardiac Electrophysiology Uses Creative Approach to Foster Teamwork
Expertise + Teamwork = Successful Outcome
Viewpoint: Should Birth Control Pills Be Offered Over-the-Counter?
Reflections of a Fourth Year Resident: Jason Chen
Fighting Antibiotic Resistance: An Effort for All Providers
Calling for the Wounded in a War Zone: Orthopedic Oncologist on a Mission
Upcoming CME Conferences
News & Notes
Chief Resident Profile: Afnan Mossaad, MD
Spotlight: Saumil Doshi, MD
Physicians' Perspective: Edward Aulisi


May / June 2017

Promoting Well-Being from the Top
Should Statins Be Over-the-Counter Drugs?
Not in Our House: Drug Diversion Programs Seeks to Curb Risks, Enhance Awareness
Equal Treatment from Peers and Colleagues, or Micro-Aggressions and Man-Splaining?
David H. Song, MD, MBA, FACS - Washington Regional Chief, Plastic Surgery
Upcoming CME Conferences
Being There... Again: Jayson Atves, MD
Chief Resident Profile: Jerry Chiu, MD
Spotlight: Louis Dainty, MD
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery



March / April 2017

Best Practices for Communications
Upcoming CME Events 
A Strategy for Life: MedStar's Cancer Survivorship Program 
Vascular Cliffhanger with a Happy Ending 
Lifesaving Care, and the Generosity of Gratitude 
Difficult Decisions Helped by Clinical Ethicists 
TeleTriage in the ER: One-to-One, One to Many 
Chief Resident Profile: Bilal Yousufzai, MD, Ophthalmology 
Spotlight: Amanda Beirne, MSN, ACNP-BC, Cardiac Electrophysiology




Jan / Feb 2017

New Year, New Name - Gregory J. Argyros, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Limb Salvage Story Saves Diabetic Patient's Leg
The Collective Power of APCs: Rewriting Hospital Care
Language of Caring for Physicians
A Case History in Caring: Ziad Deeb, MD
Medication Misuse in the Elderly
Emergency Medicine Physicians: Volunteering at the Navajo Reservation
Augusto Pichard, MD - Cardiologist Facilitates "Gorgeous" Results
Retired Pathologist Funds Cytopathology Fellowship
Save the Date! Upcoming CME Conferences




Center Scope

Spring  2021

Get the facts on the vaccine
Coronavirus and the heart
Breast cancer treatment eliminates need for post surgical radiation
Lung cancer: progress and promise
Patient-centered cancer care
Everything you've ever wanted to know about weight-loss surgery
Breast reduction: When less is more
Fibroid treatments for the modern woman
Multiple Scelrosis: Better treatment for a brighter future
News from the leading edge



CenterScope Fall 2020Fall 2020

MedStar Washington Hospital Center breaks its lifesaving heart transplant record despite pandemic
A long-awaited dream is realized
A "nearly indestructible" man gets a new heart
Two Centers of Excellence give patient a lifesaving second change
The number of burn patients doubles during the pandemic
Alice strides again
Returning to sports in a COVID-19 environment
New robotic arm enhances spine surgeries and increase precision
Compassion helps patients deal with sensitive subjects
Restoring voice is a game changer



CenterScope Spring 2020Spring 2020

Women and Heart Disease: Understanding the less understood risks
Diabetes boot camp helps patients take control
Getting Your Colonoscopy: Avoid the risk of colon cancer
Lung Cancer: New technology expands diagnosis and treatment
Bariatric and Plastic Surgery: Hernia repair takes two surgical specialists
Orthopedics: ACLs reconstructed using stronger technique
Cardiac Surgery: 3 open-heart surgeries, 1 family, 1 system
Parkinson's Disease: New drug strategy for early stage
Urogynecology: Quick recovery after minimally invasive hysterectomy
Electrophsiology: New heart catheter technique is a true patient pleaser



Fall 2019

Seemingly Unrelated Symptoms Caused by a Tiny Parathyroid Gland
A New Dental Crown Led to a New Heart Valve
Hope, Healing & a New Life
Four Surgeons and Three Complex Surgeries Remove Multiple Tumors and Restore Quality of Life
Quick Action Saves Young Mother with Brain Bleed
Breaking through Impediments to Pregnancy: Expert Surgeon Helps Couple's Dream Become Reality
Kidney Stones: A "Mini" Procedure, A Maximum Effect
Bringing Expert Medical Advice to Community Members Where They Work and Live



Fall 2018

Navigating Near-Fatal Burn Patient into Safe Waters
Saving Failing Hearts from Surgery
After Procedure, Avid Runner and Cyclist Regains Stride
Calming Overactive Bladder: Modifying Your Behaviors Can Help
Belly Aches? MedStar Specialists Have the Answers to Common Complaints
Cochlear Implant Restores Hearing in 90 Year Old
Salivary Stones Can Be Painful, but are Treatable
Great Success and Accuracy with New Technology




Winter 2017

Everyday Miracles
Trauma by the Numbers
A Life Truly in the Balance
Supporting Trauma at the Center
Evolution of a Trauma Surgeon
ICU in the Air
Survivor Stories
Stop the Bleed




Fall 2017

A Year in the Hospital and a Second Chance at Life with a New Heart
Meet Vinod Thourani, MD - New Cardiac Surgery Chair Aims High
Young Athlete Nearly Loses Leg in Rare Condition
Reconstructive Foot Surgery Gives Dad Back his Quality of Life
Neck Surgery Patient Praises New Procedure
Two Knees, Two Needs, Two Successes
Healthy Living in Our Community
Cancer Prevention in the Neighborhood
Kidney Stones: Don't Let Tiny Stones Cause Big Problems
Generosity and Gratitude
What's New? MedStar Trauma & Pathway Designation




Fall 2016

Springing Back From Obesity: A Whole New Life After Bariatric Surgery and Body Contouring
Relieving the Burden of Obesity
CPR and Quadruple Bypass: A Lifesaving Combination
In My Own Backyard: A Patient Story
Viruses: What You Need to Know
Drill, Baby, Drill: Emergency Preparedness 
Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Repairs Prolapse: You Don't Have to Live with Bladder Problems
Save a Life! Learn CPR!





Summer 2016

Dedication of the Nancy and Harold Zirkin Heart & Vascular Hospital
Heart Hospital Firsts
The Future of Cardiovascular Care
Timely News You Can Use







Spring 2016

Bernie Holland Keeps Moving While a Tiny Device Keeps His Heart Pumping
Tips for Women's Health From Our Experts
Lighting the Way: J.D. and Genevieve Murphy are Growing the Philanthropy that Grows The Hospital Center
Timely News You Can Use






 Winter 2016

Beating an Uncommon Cancer
Fast, Efficient Outpatient Options for Varicose Veins
Wide Range of Expertise at MedStar Pituitary Center 
What's New at the Hospital Center






Fall 2015

New ACL Repair Surgery Gets Athletes Back in the Game 
Full Sail for Patient with 24-year Artery Blockage
Surgeons Visit Class to Explain Rare Throat Disorder
Medical Advice: When Should You Follow It?
Curb Your Appetite with vBloc Alternative Innovations in Bariatric Surgery

Summer 2015
Spring 2015




Cardiovascular Physician

Spring 2021

Whether “horses” or “zebras” all patients benefit from expansive knowledge and experience.
Heart transplant roundup.
New interventional heart failure service optimizes and expands treatment.
New NIH research collaboration spotlights novel applications of cardiac imaging.
New cardiac surgery chair eager to piece together the big picture.
Retrograde pedal access: An alternative approach for high-risk patients with peripheral arterial disease.
A second look saves a patient's limb.
A lifesaving unroofing procedure for one nurse with an anomalous coronary artery.
Application of "bloodless" surgery protocol achieves optimal care for all.
Ultra-low contrast angiography reduces renal complications.
Welcome new staff.
News and notes.
Cardiology eSupport: a new “bunker” offering remote consultations.
Upcoming virtual conferences and courses.



Fall 2020

Traversing the Traditional Boundaries of Specialty Care
The Heart of an Athlete
The Heart-Brain Connection
Two Centers of Excellence. One Patient. Twenty Years of Cohesive Care
Expanding Cancer Treatments Require Unique Cardiac Care
The Stress Test of a Woman's Life
Two Institutes. One Integrated Approach
Treating IST and POTS with the Novel Application of Hybrid Thoracoscopic Ablation
Steven Goldstein, MD, Completes Active Career with the Same Passion with which He Began
New Center and New Technology Expand Cardiovascular Imaging Abilities
News and Notes
Welcome New Medical Staff



Summer 2020

Proving Our Mettle in a Pandemic
The Beat Goes On. Essential Cardiovascular Care Endures Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 Pandemic Turns Virtual Systems Into Reality
In This Pandemic, Providers Are Part of the Story
A Promising New Use for ECMO
Nurses Are Problem Solvers
I Spend My Days in the Hospital as a Vascular Surgeon. I spent One Week in the Hospital as a Patient with COVID-19.
Clinical Trials and Research Continue During COVID-19
Powering People and Process with the Right Technology: Echocardiography in the Cloud
Pioneering Endovenectomy: A New, Minimally Invasive Approach to Deep Venous Disease
Vascular Surgeons Bring a Boutique Experience to the Treatment of Cosmetic and Varicose Veins
Conferences and Courses Go Virtual and Viral
In Memory of Kenneth Kent, MD, PhD: A Pioneer, a Colleague, and a Friend
Celebrating Five Decades of Service: "Sandy" Mendelson, MD, Honored after 52 Years
Updates, News, and Notes from MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute



Winter 2020

Bucking the Trend, Building Relationships
The Aorta: Cardiac Surgery
Complex Aortic Center: New Devices, New Leadership, New Era
TAVR: Continuing to Break Ground
TAVR: Increasing Usage, Refining Tools
The Other Valve: An Innovative Percutaneous Procedure for the Mitral Valve
3 Open-Heart Surgeries. One Family. One System
Shaping the Future of Heart Care: the Region's Largest Cardiovascular Training Program
Celebrating 46 Years: For Longtime Physician Dave Pearle, Retirement Means "See you Next Week"
Updates, News, and Notes from MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute



Summer 2019

The Balancing Act of Medicine
Heart-Brain Team Collaborates for PFO-Related Stroke Prevention
MHVI Proving Ground for WATCHMAN, Next Generation LAA Occluder Devices
4 Heart Transplants in 3 Days
Countdown to a New Heart: 4-hour Ischemic Window
New Iliac Branch Device Avoids Occlusion of Internal Iliac Artery in Repairing Aneurysm
His Bundle Pacing: Improving Outcomes for Pacemaker Patients
The Sun Doesn't Set on Great Care
Updates, News, and Notes from MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute




Spring 2019

One Program Across our Geographic Footprint
Advanced Heart Failure: Two Cities, One Program
Short-and Long-Term Support for AHF Patients With Subclavian Artery Access Balloon Pump
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic 
Study Suggests TAVR Extends Benefits to Low Surgical Risk Patients
A Tribute to Paul Corso, MD
Nurses at the Heart of Cardiovascular Care
Updates, News, and Notes from MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute    




Summer 2018

From the desk of Stuart F. Seides, MD - Thanks to the Dreamers
AFib: Expanding the Options
MHVI Tests First-of-a-Kind Occluder Device for Transcaval TAVR
Flexible Expertise
Endovascular Revascularization: Critical Limb Ischemia
Case Study - An Effective Treatment for Challenging Congestive Heart Failure Cases
Suddath Named New Cardiology Chair and Medical Director of Cath Lab
UPDATES: Quality Ratings and New Leadership Changes
News & Notes




Cardiovascular Physician Spring 2018 Cover PageSpring 2018

Drilling Down, Branching Out - Stuard F. Seides, MD
Can Smart Phones and Fitness Trackers Assist Cardiologists?
Infiltrative Cardiomyopathies - New MHVI Program Improves Diagnosis and Management
Chronic Total Occlusion - Conquering the Last Frontier in Coronary Intervention
Sports and Performance Cardiologist Ankit Shah, MD, Joins MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
New Technique Expands Life Saving Use of TAVR
How Handheld Ultrasound Is Changing Clinical Cardiology
New Version of CodeHeart Debuts
Case Study: A Minimally Invasive Approach to Treating Carotid Artery Stenosis - TCAR
CRT 2018 - Latest Research in Structural Abnormalities Highlighted



Winter 2018

A Powerful Union for Improved Care
Coordinated Care for Complicated Conditions
Meet Vinod Thourani, MD
Worley Brings Groundbreaking Cardiac Treatment Expertise to MHVI
CRT '18 - Celebrating Four Decades of PCI Innovation
VADs: The Heart of the Deal
Doctors Seeking FAME (not Fame!)
UPDATES from MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute
Transitions Clinic for Newly Diagnosed Cardiovascular Patients
News and Notes



Fall 2017

The Inevitability of Change 
Mitral Valve Disease: Building a New Construct 
Pursuing Surgery-like Results for Non-Surgical Patients  
Revolutionary Approach to Mitral Regurgitation Under Study 
Spotting Subtleties and Solutions- Imaging: The Devil is in the Details 
A Career of Firsts: Augusto Pichard, MD 
Advanced Heart Failure: Collaboration throughout MedStar Health  
Updates from MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute




Summer 2017

Interconnectivity Brings High Level of Expertise to Far-Reaching Population
CRT17: Celebrating 20 Years of Advancing Cardiovascular Care
Connecting MHVI Throughout the Region
Complex Aortic Pathologies
Case Study: Popliteal Artery Entrapment
FDA Approves PFO Occluder for Stroke Prevention
Cardiac CT Now Available at Franklin Square
Dedicated Vascular Access Clinics Opens at MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Electrophysiology Clinic Opens in Manassas






Fall 2016

The Body Politic of Cardiovascular Care
New Program Features Interdisciplinary Approach to Complex Aorta Pathology
Innovative Design: Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CV ICU)
Intimacy & Advanced Heart Failure: Simple Tool Assesses Sexuality Concerns
TAVR Approved For Intermediate Risk Patients: MHVI Research Contributed to FDA Design
Regionalization of Cardiac Imaging Benefits Patients and Physicians
MHVI Experts Avert Catastrophic Outcome From Aortic Dissection 
MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute OffersFully Dissolving Heart Stent  
News and Notes
Updates From MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute 
CRT 2017
Augusto Prichard,  MD: Globe-Trotting Cardiologist Facilitates "Gorgeous" Results



Summer 2016

Heart & Vascular Hospital Marries High Tech and Hospitality 
Nancy and Harold Zirkin Heart & Vascular Hospital Dedication at MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Heart Hospital Firsts
The Future of Cardiovascular Care
Cardiogenetics: Determining the Genetic Cause of Heart Diseases
Cath Lab Introduces Two Innovative Software Programs
Profile: Chris Barnett, MD
Spotlight: Jose Vargas, MD, PhD 
Welcome to the Newest Fellows




Spring 2016

Meeting the Demand for Safety and Quality Despite Crisis
Taking Science to the Heart: Selma Mohammaed, MD, PhD, Bring Scientific Research Interest to Her Clinical Practice in Heart Failure 
An Innovative Solution to a Complex Problem
Transradial Caths Gain Traction With Interventional Cardiologists
CRT 2016 Brings Innovation to Practice
MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute Launches National Clinical Study of TAVR's Use in Low Risk Patients
New Hope For Treating Heart Failure
Palliative Care and Heart Failure Team Partnership Flourishes 
New Service, Staff and Space for Venous Disorders at MedStar Chevy Chase
News and Notes



Winter 2016

Next Steps for Cardiac Stem Cells
Connecting Cardiologists to Chagas Disease
Profile: Margaret Bell Fischer, MD
ACA Appoints Ana Barac, MD, PhD, FACC, Chair of New Cardio-Oncology Program

Fall 2015
Summer 2015
Spring 2015
Winter 2015




September/October 2016

Regulatory Radiness is Right on Target
Breathing New Life for Patients: Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator 
Setting the Trend: Critical Care Medicine at MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Complexities of Managing Med/Psych Patients in Aging Population
When Size is Everything: Adapting to the Challenges of Patient Obesity
New Emerging Viruses: Keeping Everyone Safe
Cleaning Up the Scrubs Policy: Eliminating Latrogenic Infections
A Success for All Provider Participants: MedStar Physician Leadership Development Program 
Upcoming CME Conferences
News & Notes
Chief Resident Profile: Taryn Travis, MD
Spotlight: Hyun J. Band, MD
Physician's Perspective



July/August 2016

“Stay On, Stay Here” Please Don’t Share Your Skin Squames
Urogynecologic Surgery Returns Patient’s Quality of Life
Dedication of the Nancy and Harold Zirkin Heart & Vascular Hospital
Where Did they Go? 2016 House Staff Graduation
New Physician Leadership: Nationally Renowned Thoracic Surgeon Leads Integrated Surgical Service
Intimacy and Advanced Heart Failure
Overnight Radiologists Provide Life-Saving Services
Devastating Medical Errors Need Not Devastate the Provider
Upcoming CME Conferences
News & Notes
Chief Resident Profile: Jiger Patel, MD, Internal Medicine
Spotlight: James Robinson, Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Physician's Perspective: Jennifer Ayscue 




May/June 2016

A Cancer Free-Free Diagnosis, Following Extensive Limb-Salvage Surgery
MedStar Medical Group: For Providers, By Providers 
MedStar Pituitary Center Offers Comprehensive Care
The Next Step for Three Residents Who Have Shared Their Stories
Balancing Risk, Benefit is Key: Multiple New Options for Multiple Sclerosis 
News & Notes
Chief Resident Profile: David Engorn, DPM, Podiatric Surgery
Spotlight: Lambros Stamatakis, MD, Urology





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