ICU Waiting Room “Idea Jam”

Renovating the Intensive Care Unit Waiting Rooms

MedStar Washington Hospital Center invites you to share your top idea on how to improve our ICU waiting room space to make this area more comfortable for our patient’s families and caregivers. As recipients of associate and Board gifts made to the 2017 Power to Heal Fund, we have gifts available to make changes—and we want the ideas to come from you!

Submissions Closed.

Thank you for submitting your excellent ideas! They are currently being reviewed by our panel.

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Background to Inform Ideas


Photos of Current ICU Waiting Rooms

Your idea can apply to any of these rooms


Constraints to consider:

  • Each room has 150-200 square feet of total space
  • It’s unlikely moving or tearing down walls will be possible due to space and cost constraints.

Recent redesign successes:

  • Installed USB ports in the electrical outlets for easier phone-charging
  • Painted walls
  • Refinished furniture.

Questions? Please email [email protected].