Some ENT problems require surgical intervention. The good news is that minimally invasive surgical options can have significant benefits for patients, including a shorter surgery with a faster recovery, less post-operative pain, and few, if any, scars.

Some of the leading edge minimally-invasive ENT surgery procedures performed at MedStar Washington Hospital Center include:

  • Transoral robotic surgery (TORS): Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive approach to removing tumors or excessive tissue from the throat. This approach leaves no visible scars, and can be used to treat some tumors of the throat, as well as sleep apnea.
  • Endoscopic skull base surgery: Tumors of the skull base that were previously treated through large incisions through the skull can now be removed endoscopically through the nose.       Patients can experience quicker recovery and shorter hospital stays with an endoscopic approach.
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery: Sinus surgery can treat chronic sinusitis (recurrent inflammation and infection of the lining of the sinuses) or frequent sinus headaches, but traditional surgery can leave scars and can disrupt the delicate sinus tissues. Using a small lighted tube called an endoscope, our ENT surgeons can correct sinus problems from the inside, eliminating the need for incisions. An image guidance system will frequently be used to track the instruments as surgery is performed.
  • Laryngeal surgery: Procedures to improve the voice are frequently performed through the mouth, and do not result in external scars. We are now able to perform many laser surgeries of the voice box under sedation so that general anesthesia is not required.
  • Septoplasty: In some cases, the cartilage and bone separating the nasal cavities (called the nasal septum) is crooked. If this interferes with breathing, septoplasty may be performed to correct the septum's alignment or to remove the crooked portions. This procedure is performed from inside the nose, which means there are no external cuts or scars on the face.
  • Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy: If a patient's tonsils and/or adenoids frequently become inflamed or infected, the best course of action is often to remove them.

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