A PEG tube is a flexible feeding tube placed through the abdominal wall and into the stomach. A PEG tube is often needed for patients with severe neurologic damage, certain cancers, swallowing disorders that impair their ability to eat or drink normally. During this procedure a doctor will pass a flexible tube through the mouth and guide it down through to the stomach. The light at the tip of the endoscope allows for the doctor to appropriately guide the PEG tube into the stomach.

After the procedure the patient and any care-takers will have training on how to administer artificial feeds through the PEG tube. Careful attention and proper care of the PEG tube is necessary to prevent infections, pulling, and clogging of the tube. A light dressing will be applied around the PEG tube side and changed daily.

More information: http://www.asge.org/patients/patients.aspx?id=394

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