Why Choose Us

  • Our medical team represents expertise in a broad range of infectious diseases—and provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and individualized treatment utilizing the most advanced therapies.
  • The hospital’s infectious disease division is the busiest in the region, treating more patients than any other area hospital.
  • Our outpatient clinic provides the full scope of services for patients who require ongoing care and support to live their most productive lives.
  • Our medical team also provides consultation for hospitalized patients who have an active infection or a chronic infectious disease—and for those who need speedy evaluation and diagnosis to ensure recovery.
  • A home care nursing service provides critical follow-up care—including home infusion services—following hospitalization to promote patients’ continued recovery.
  • The division provides important psycho-social support to help patients cope with their disease and live a full life despite their illness.
  • The division is a recipient of Ryan White funding, which supports a program to provide medical care, case management, as well as peer navigator and social work services to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Our Travel Clinic provides an array of services—including preventive care, vaccinations, and treatment for international travelers.
  • We are a center for graduate medical education, offering a much sought-after fellowship for physicians who wish to specialize in the field of infectious diseases.

Our Skilled Team of Infectious Disease Specialists

Our team of infectious disease specialists are board certified physicians with years of training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of the full-range of infections.  

In addition to clinical responsibilities, team members are academicians, training a new generation of infectious disease specialists through the hospital’s sought-after fellowship program.

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