Heart biopsies help your doctors determine how well you are adjusting to a heart transplant. They can also show if you suffer from certain heart conditions.

What are heart biopsies?

In a heart biopsy, doctors remove a small sample of heart muscle and send it to a lab for analysis. We perform a cardiac catheterization procedure to access the tissue needed for the biopsy. We guide a catheter through your groin to one side of your heart and remove three heart muscle tissue samples. Then, we send them to the lab for examination.

Why do I need a heart biopsy?

Generally, we perform a heart biopsy to make sure your body is not rejecting a newly transplanted heart. We also perform a heart biopsy if we suspect you may have cardiac carcinoma or signs of other heart conditions, such as:
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Myocarditis
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