The Lawrence B. Taishoff Center for Endovascular Surgery

Vascular surgeons at the Hospital Center perform approximately 1,800 operations every year, nearly four times more than any other hospital in the area. The Taishoff Center was made possible through a $1 million gift from the Taishoff Family Foundation, in appreciation of the care given to Lawrence Taishoff by Dr. Cameron Akbari, senior vascular surgeon at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

About the hybrid suite: the only one of its kind in the Washington, D.C. area

A hybrid suite has all the functional capabilities of the most advanced, state of the art traditional operating room. Vascular surgeons can perform open surgery and endovascular surgery, which uses small tubes and wires to treat disease from within the blood vessels. Most operating rooms in the country will have a portable radiologic (imaging) unit to use during vascular operations; however, the imaging and processing and capabilities are vastly inferior to one in which the imaging equipment is built into the operating room.

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Benefits of the hybrid suite

As a result of this advanced technology, our vascular surgeons are able to perform the most advanced endovascular and hybrid procedures, incorporating the latest technology, such as three-dimensional imaging and rotational imaging. This allows precise and accurate endovascular treatment with faster recovery for complicated diseases, which in the past had required extensive invasive operations with prolonged recovery. Another added benefit of the hybrid suite is that post processing is more advanced, compared to a portable vascular surgery unit. Surgeons can get better visualization and more accurate measurements for the conditions they treat. For example, our surgeons can now incorporate intravascular ultrasound directly in the endovascular suite without any added machinery. They can place an ultrasound probe inside a blood vessel, and look inside any blood vessel prior to delivery of a stent. In the case of hybrid procedures, all of these advanced techniques can be performed at the same time as traditional, open surgery, if necessary, due to the advantages of having all the technology in one operating suite.

About vascular surgery at the Hospital Center

Our board-certified vascular surgeons have the most experience in the Washington metropolitan area in treating complex vascular problems. The wide variety of surgical cases evaluated and treated by our surgeons provides them with a depth of experience unparalleled by other physicians in the area.