Why Choose Our Vascular Surgery Program


Our vascular surgery program was established in order to provide the region with a service dedicated to the thorough evaluation and treatment of vascular disorders. Our physicians work together to offer patients the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options.

Team of Specialists

Our team of specialists includes:

  • Vascular medicine specialists
  • Vascular surgeons

These specialists work together to ensure a well-rounded approach to your care. When their expertise is needed, the team also has access to other specialists throughout the MedStar network, including:

  • Heart specialists
  • Diabetes specialists
  • Kidney specialists

Comprehensive Services

The program offers the most advanced evaluation options to achieve a precise diagnosis of your condition. Whenever possible our physicians use noninvasive diagnostic testing and treatments. The program also has access to the most sophisticated forms of treatments and procedures, including new catheter-based and surgical approaches.

Convenient Access

Usually, you will see one doctor during your initial evaluation. This physician will then discuss your case with our other specialists, to confirm a diagnosis and decide on the best treatment plan. The team works closely with your primary care physician to manage your care.

We offer the most comprehensive approach to your health care. We strive to combine the finest clinical capabilities with compassionate care and an unyielding commitment to our "Patient First" philosophy.