Traditional/Native Tissue Repairs

  • Anterior colporrhaphy (repair of cystocele/dropped bladder using sutures)
  • Posterior colporrhaphy (repair of rectocele/rectal bulging using sutures)
  • Sacrospinous suspension (repair of apical prolapse using suture to attach the top of the vagina to a ligament deep in the pelvis)
  • Uterosacral ligament suspension (repair of apical prolapse using sutures to support the top of the vagina to ligaments originating from the sacrum on either side of the pelvis)

Mesh/Graft Augmented Repairs

  • Vaginal mesh colpopexy is surgery done through the vagina in which mesh is placed to bolster connective tissue. Risks include mesh erosion, pain or infection. This surgery is usually reserved for women in whom previous native repair has not worked, or who have medical conditions making abdominal surgery more risky or who have known weak connective tissue.
  • Laparoscopic/robotic assisted sacrocolpopexy with mesh are abdominal procedures through mini incisions using a lighted telescope with or without robotic assistance to secure mesh to the front and back walls of the prolapsed vaginal tissues and connect the Y-shaped mesh to a ligament overlying the sacrum (tail bone). The surgery may result in less pain and is considered the gold standard prolapse repair.
  • Laraoscopic/ robotic native tissue repair uses no mesh
  • Laparoscopic/robotic uterine suspension (hysteropexy) attaches mesh to the cervix and connects the mesh to the sacrum. This procedure is reserved for women who do not want to have hysterectomy (would prefer to keep the uterus in place).

Obliterative Repairs

LeForte colpocleisis is a procedure where the vagina is closed off leaving channels in place (if a uterus is in place). This procedure (and a similar colpectomy procedure in a patient who has had a prior hysterectomy) has a high success rate but is reserved for women with prolapse who no longer desire vaginal intercourse.

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