MedStar Pituitary Center Team of physicians

Let the nation’s top pituitary experts develop an individualized plan for your patients at the MedStar Pituitary Center. (From left to right: Kenneth Burman, MD (pituitary endocrinology), Martin Kolsky, MD (neuro-ophthalmology), Susmeeta Sharma, MD (pituitary endocrinology), Edward Aulisi, MD (neurosurgery), Stanley Chia, MD (ENT).


To refer a patient, call us at 202-877-5026.

Referring Patients to MedStar Pituitary Center

Patients suffering from pituitary tumors or other pituitary disorders receive excellent care from top clinicians at MedStar Pituitary Center:

  • Convenient, centralized care: Your patients can receive all the care they need right here at our center. We perform diagnostic evaluations, surgery, radiosurgery and follow-up care all at the hospital.
  • Diagnostic expertise: Neuro-radiologists with extensive experience diagnosing complex pituitary tumors perform the diagnostic exams. Together with our neurosurgeons, endocrinologists and neuro-ophthalmologists, we analyze the results to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Our neuro-radiologists also perform postsurgical imaging scans.
  • Surgical excellence: Our neurosurgery team performs more pituitary tumor surgeries than any other team in the region. We have extensive experience in both open and endoscopic approaches to surgery, leaving no visible scar.
  • Team approach: During our weekly tumor board meetings, we discuss diagnosis and make treatment recommendations. Our care is also integrated with experts in other departments, such as pathology, otolaryngology and radiation oncology.

Pituitary Tumor Research

Our physicians are actively involved in research, investigating newer and more effective methods for diagnosing and treating pituitary tumors. 

Pituitary Tumors: Services We Provide

We are happy to speak to you about your patient. We offer:

We remain in close contact with you during your patient’s time with us. We value your input and encourage you to be an active member of your patient’s team. During diagnosis and treatment, we will:

  • Send you regular updates on diagnostic results and care plan recommendations
  • Send our office and clinical notes so you are current with your patient’s treatment and progress
  • Partner with you during your patients’ follow-up care, monitoring their medication regimen and ensuring they undergo regular imaging scans

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To make an appointment, or for more information, contact us at 844-PITUITARY (748-8482).