Metastatic brain tumors are often challenging to treat. That’s why we offer comprehensive, advanced treatments that can help you survive longer and improve the quality of your life.

Thanks to treatment advances in the last decade, we now have therapies that help you survive longer, improve your quality of life and reduce symptoms. Our brain tumor specialists take a team approach to your care, collaborating to make sure we exhaust every treatment option and advanced tool in our arsenal to treat your cancer.

Learn more about our metastatic tumor treatments:

  • Microsurgery
  • Radiation Therapy: Includes IORT, IMRT and 3-D CRT
  • Chemotherapy

Microsurgery to Treat Metastatic Brain Cancer

Microsurgery is open surgery using specialized instruments and an operating microscope. During microsurgery, our surgeons utilize neuronavigation, “GPS” technology for critical brain structures and pathways, and neurophysiological monitoring, which tracks the electrical activity within your brain to make sure brain function and response remain intact during your operation. The use of these technologies contributes to our proven track record of safer, more effective procedures.