At the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Skull Base Center, we are committed to achieving the best outcomes for patients who have tumors deep within the brain. Our center features skilled physicians trained in the latest neurosurgical techniques and offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art tools and expertise that makes us one of the most comprehensive centers in the entire country.

Skull Base Center at Washington Hospital Center

We offer the full range of advanced techniques and therapies available today to treat your skull base brain tumor, no matter its size, location or complexity. We provide new hope to patients with tumors previously considered untreatable. Our experts are known for their extensive training, experience and expertise in minimally invasive techniques.

Our renowned program includes:

  • Experienced specialists dedicated to team care: Our center includes all the specialties and supportive staff needed to care for tumors that are often complex and difficult to treat. Our team has a unique combination of expertise, experience and collaboration rarely seen on the East Coast, with some of our surgeons practicing together for more than a decade. Our ENT specialists and neurosurgeons commonly see patients together, so intense collaboration is present at the very start of your care. Meet our team.
  • Personalized treatment plans: We believe every patient is unique. That’s why our brain tumor specialists work together to provide flexibility within treatment plans and options tailored to you, including three different surgical approaches to acoustic neuroma resection (surgical removal) when most centers in the area only offer one.
  • The latest minimally invasive options available: We were one of the first hospitals on the East Coast to offer Gamma Knife, a non-invasive, painless radiosurgery technology that destroys inoperable lesions and tumors, including acoustic neuromas and skull base tumors. We also feature leaders in endoscopic skull base tumor surgery (neuroendoscopy), a new frontier in skull base tumor treatment. Neuroendoscopy does not require any incisions, which means less pain, less scarring and a faster recovery compared to traditional surgery.
  • Sophisticated, advanced medical technology: Our sophisticated, neurosurgical suites feature the latest technology including neuronavigation, which uses GPS-like technology to guide your surgeon through the intricate pathways in your brain.
  • Collaborative relationship with Washington Cancer Institute: Our skull base tumor patients have access to the most comprehensive cancer care available, including support services and clinical trials through our strong, collaborative relationship with the nationally-renowned Washington Cancer Institute. 
  • Resources for out-of-state patients: Our expertise is sought after by referring physicians up and down the East Coast. Because of our unique collection of knowledge, technology and skilled specialists, we provide treatments to a patient population that includes people from along the entire Eastern seaboard and beyond.

Location Information

If you are a patient, call our referral and appointment line: 844-833-DOCS

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