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MedStar Washington Hospital Center's Division of Nuclear Medicine provides nuclear imaging diagnostic services that give doctors a unique way to look inside the human body. The techniques we use combine state-of-the-art sensitive scanning equipment, advanced computing technology and radioactive substances to produce high-quality images.

World-Renowned Interdisciplinary Care

Our nuclear medicine specialists are among the best in their fields and are dedicated to our patient-first philosophy. Our team includes nuclear medicine physicians as well as radiologists. Together, we ensure quality control and coordination of all therapies.

State-of-the-Art Imaging Technology

Providing the most accurate images to your physicians, allowing for better treatment, is our top priority. We consistently provide fast image acquisitions, superior count rate performance, and high image sensitivity, regardless of patient size. 

Personalized Attention and Guidance

A potential health problem can be overwhelming. Therefore, our care and instructions are as clear and directed as possible. For the convenience, comfort, and education of our patients with thyroid cancer, we have a dedicated scheduler, a physician assistant, and navigator to guide the patient through the system during treatment.

Patient Education

We believe that the more the patient knows, the better the outcome. With this in mind, we offer a variety of resources. In addition to a full clinical evaluation prior to the first scan, patients are offered a private consultation with their physician and a set of personal resource materials developed especially for this experience.

Holistic Support

With a focus on holistic care, we are pleased to offer discounted lodging for out-of-town thyroid cancer patients who qualify. Requests may be made to Shari Moreau, PA.

Aggressive Preventive Management of Side Effects

Using multiple preventative measures, we aggressively attempt to minimize side effects of radioiodine therapies, providing a more comfortable and manageable experience.

Inpatient and Outpatient Options

As a convenience to our patients, our staff performs I-131therapies in the setting that is best suited for their family situation - outpatient or inpatient, depending on the amount of I-131 administered and the conditions at home.

Flexible Thyrogen Schedule

Thyrogen®, a medication used to prepare patients for diagnostic imaging and therapy with radioiodine, is always available through the MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s pharmacy, guaranteeing flexibility in scheduling according to the patient’s needs.

Innovation and Research

Opportunities are available for you to participate in clinical research protocols. Members of the Nuclear Medicine Department are recognized nationally and have written published articles in their areas of expertise.




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