Our Nuclear Medicine team uses radioactive materials for diagnostic imaging tests and for treatment of certain tumors.

The Nuclear Medicine team has extensive experience in diagnostic and therapies and, when appropriate, employ unique systems, such as SPECT-CT, PET-CT, DSPECT, etc for better diagnosis and special approaches like dosimetry, simplified dosimetry for therapy.

Meet Our Nuclear Medicine Physicians:

Wayne Dunkle

Administrative Director

Wayne DunkleWayne E. Dunkle serves as the administrative director for nuclear medicine and PET-CT departments at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. He has more than 34 years of experience within the field of nuclear medicine and is a recognized expert in the arena of billing and coding.

Previously, Mr. Dunkle was an administrative manager for the Hospital Center. Prior to that, he advanced from technologist, through Administrative Director (NCOIC) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center's (WRAMC) nuclear medicine department. Prior to his nuclear medicine career from 1978 to 1980 he was an Special’s Technologist (interventional radiology technologist) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he worked on several neuroradiology research projects.

Additional Training, Education & Research

Mr. Dunkle completed his radiology technology training at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and his associate's science degree in nuclear medicine at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Honors, Awards, and Society Memberships

Mr. Dunkle received several awards during his career in the Army, in the fields of radiology and nuclear medicine. He has the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) (N), (R) and the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB). He is an active member of the SNMMI Coding and Reimbursement Committee and Mid-Eastern chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Shari Moreau

Associate Administrative Director Nuclear Medicine


Shari Moreau, MS, serves as the physician's assistant in the Division of Nuclear Medicine of MedStar Washington Hospital Center for patient with thyroid cancer, and she oversees all aspects of our thyroid cancer program including insurance issues and authorizations, scheduling, Thyrogen® injections, radioiodine imaging, radioiodine dosimetry, nuclear medicine physician visits, dosimetries, and radioiodine therapies. Most importantly, Shari has more than 20 years of radioiodine imaging experience and expertise in nuclear medicine and thyroid cancer, and she is available to help navigate the patient through the process from laboratory tests, to imaging, and/or for therapies. She is available to answer everyone’s’ questions, and if she does not know, she will find out for the patient or the patient’s family or friend. She is the patient’s personal navigator, and everyone will find her to be a delight to work.

Before joining the department, Ms. Moreau was the lead nuclear medicine technologist for a private multi-modality radiology group where she managed a large office that performed MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, and many other scans. She worked extensively with thyroid cancer patients, performing all related imaging, assisting with consultations, and addressing all patient questions and concerns in regards to their radioactive iodine scans and therapies. Ms. Moreau started her career in the U.S. Army serving as a medic and ambulance support staff for field units. While in the Army, Ms. Moreau attended nuclear medicine school at The National Naval Medical Center, and she completed her nuclear medicine training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where she first worked with and joined the team of Drs. Van Nostrand and Atkins. 

Ms. Moreau received her Bachelor of Science (BS) in health care administration from Southern Illinois University and her Masters (MS) in health services administration from Central Michigan University , and she holds an Associate Degree (AD) in nuclear medicine from The George Washington University.

Ms. Moreau is an active member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, having served as a Past-President of the Mid-Eastern Chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and now serves as the Executive Director of that organization. 

Finally, Ms. Moreau is a cancer survivor herself.

Dine Badri

BADRI dineDine Badri is a board certified nuclear medicine technologist with over 17 years of experience in three countries. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology in Belgium and completed his nuclear medicine technology training in Belgium and in the United Kingdom. In 2004, he joined the Division of Nuclear Medicine at the Medstar Washington Hospital Center and became the lead technologist in 2007. Since then, he has been responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the thyroid, cardiac and general nuclear medicine procedures as well as overall patient care within the department.

In 2014, he received the “SuperStar” award for outstanding patient care. In addition to his clinical duties, Dine Badri has a special interest in teaching and oversees the training of nuclear medicine technologist students.


Rob Blosser

BLOSSER robRob Blosser is a Section Chief in the Division of Nuclear Medicine of MedStar Washington Hospital Center and oversees daily operations in the department under the Floor Coordinator, Dine Badri.  He acts as a resource to the staff technologist and helps facilitate patient flow while providing patient care.  Rob has more than 14 years of experience in general, special, endocrine, and cardiac nuclear medicine imaging. 

Mr.Blosser has his B.S. in Nuclear Medicine Technology from Wheeling Jesuit University and completed clinical training at  Washington Hospital in Pennsylvania and University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  He also holds additional specialized certifications in Nuclear Cardiology.  Before joining the department, Mr. Blosser was the lead nuclear medicine technologist for a private cardiology practice and a staff technologist in a Nuclear Medicine Department in Columbus, Ohio. 

Mr.Blosser was awarded the Instructor of Year for 2010 and the Employee of the Year for 2014.  He is also a member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine.


Taneshea Brown

BROWN taneshia 2Taneshea Brown serves as the Advanced PET/CT Technologist in the Division of Nuclear Medicine of MedStar Washington Hospital Center for patients having PET scans along with Diagnostic CT scans.   Taneshea’s 12 years of imaging experience and expertise in general Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT, allows her to  navigate  patients through the process from scheduling of their appointments, helping to obtain laboratory tests, to imaging.  Taneshea works very closely with her patients, explaining the procedure, preparing them for the radioisotope administration and making them comfortable on scanner table in preparation for their scan.

Taneshea is currently working  on Dual Masters in Health Care Administration and Business Management at UMUC.  She received her Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology at the University of Maryland, College Park  and she holds an Associate Degree (AS) in Nuclear Medicine from The Prince Georges Community College.   Taneshea is also a certified PET Technologist and a certified CT technologist attaining state license for both.

 Tasha Peterson

tashaTasha M. Peterson is the Thyroid Clinic Coordinator for the Division of Nuclear Medicine and has over 15 years of experience in the medical field.  Her key responsibility is the scheduling and coordinating the patient’s laboratory work, scans and therapies.

Tasha began her career as a medical receptionist at a local hospital working in the main laboratory and for the home health care division.  She subsequently became a medical receptionist in a private medical office that serviced Obstetrics and Gynecology, Geriatrics, Psychology, and Internal Medicine.  In 2004, Tasha enrolled in school to become a medical biller earning her certification as Medical Office Biller and graduating with honors.  After being the sole biller for three physicians for four years, she joined MedStar Washington Hospital Center in 2009 in the Emergency Department being promoted to a Service Associate.   In 2010, she was promoted again and transferred to the MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s Division of Nuclear Medicine as the Coordinator of our thyroid cancer imaging and therapy program.

Having trained and worked in so many different specialty offices, Tasha brings a great skill set. Her knowledge of billing and coding, her ease with multi-tasking, her knowledge of scheduling multiple items for the patient, and her great rapport with patients will help facilitate the patient through imaging, therapy and follow up. She will minimize confusion, hassles, and frustrations.   In this day and age where it appears that there is frequently less service, Tasha delivers more service.


Jessica Waithe


Jessica Waithe is a Medical Office Assistant, in charge of the Thyrogen R injection program for the Division of Nuclear Medicine. Jessica has over 6 years of experience in the medical field. Jessica began her journey at a drug rehabilitation clinic in Maryland and then, wanting to expand her knowledge in medicine, she began working for the Medstar Washington Hospital Center Emergency Department in May 2010 as a Service Associate.

Since being employed with Medstar, Jessica has gained experience with the Central Financial Clearance Department as well. The experience with Financial Clearance gives Jessica the expertise she needs to verify patients benefits for ThyrogenR and ensure that we are minimizing our patients costs for the specialty medication. Jessica, after realizing she had a love for patient satisfaction and assistance, returned to being a Service Associate in Medstar Shock Trauma, where she continues to work part-time.

In 2013, Jessica went back to school to obtain a degree in Healthcare Administration. In May she will receive her Associate in Business Administration and plans to continue her academic journey. Jessica became a team member of the Medstar Nuclear Medicine Department in June 2014.