Advanced Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses an arthroscope, or thin, flexible tube to access your affected joints. The arthroscope uses a small camera to project an image of your affected joints onto a large screen. Your orthopaedic surgeon can then insert specialized instruments through the arthroscope into your joints to repair any damage.

Arthroscopy is very effective at repairing ligaments and cartilage to prevent early onset arthritis or joint instability.

Arthroscopic Surgery

At MedStar, we understand how difficult life can be when your hands or elbows feel weak and painful. Surgery can be an excellent option, but you need a team of orthopaedic surgeons with experience and creativity to ensure a successful outcome. All of our surgeons have specialized fellowship training and focus entirely on treating injuries like yours. Our expertise in the most advanced surgical procedures like arthroscopy, allow us to think innovatively about ways to approach your surgery.

We also spend a great deal of time listening to your concerns and answering all of your questions. After making a thorough diagnosis, we will work together to develop a treatment plan that will effectively treat your condition and be appropriate for your daily life.

Arthroscopic Surgery Recovery

Recovery from arthroscopic surgery generally includes wearing a splint for a short time, followed by physical therapy. You begin with simple exercises and gradually build up to harder ones to develop strength and range of motion. We also recommend avoiding strenuous athletic activity for a few months after surgery. Your orthopaedic surgeon will discuss the specific details of your recovery with you prior to your procedure.

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