Hand Prosthetics

In the event that a finger or hand amputation becomes necessary, a state of the art Custom Aesthetic Silicone Prosthesis can be created to replace the appearance and part of the function of the missing body part. These prostheses restore length to a partially amputated digit, supply opposition for a thumb or finger, or in the case of a total hand stabilize and hold objects with bendable fingers.

New silicone technologies offers stain resistance, durability, feel, and a natural life-like appearance. These characteristics provide functional and psychological benefits to the user. A life-like appearance is critical to successful rehabilitation. A person who feels comfortable with realistic prosthesis can use it to its full potential.

The fabrication of a prosthetic restoration usually takes 2 or 3 visits over an 8 to 10 week time period and proceeds as follows:


The mold for a custom-made silicone prosthesis is fabricated from an impression cast taken from the corresponding part on the undamaged hand. Through this process, an exact match to the details of the entire hand can be achieved.


The prosthetic finger or hand is fabricated of a flexible, transparent silicone rubber. Colors dispersed in a silicon compound are carefully matched to the patients skin tones and applied to the interior of the prosthesis in successive layers. The color is applied with the patient present to ensure a realistic match. Because the color is seen through the thin silicone membrane it has the luminosity of real skin.

Texture And Flexibility

The texture of a silicone prosthesis is very life-like. The suppleness of the material allows for a precise, suction fit. The flexibility of the silicone permits good range of motion of the remaining body parts.


Fingernails are fabricated separately using acrylics and have the same translucent qualities as the silicone skin. The nails are individually colored before applying them to the fingers so they can be matched almost perfectly. The nails can be polished with any nail polish and the polish can be removed with a gentle-action nail polish remover.


Silicones are resistant to staining. Patients can handle newspaper and other printed material without worrying about staining. Inks wash off easily with alcohol or soap and warm water. Because the coloring is not on the surface it will not be damaged by water, soap, detergents, or scrubbing. With proper care a silicone prosthesis may last 3-5 years.

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