Hand Surgery – Why Choose Us

MedStar Washington Hospital Center Hand SurgeonsThe hand surgery team is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of simple—and complex—disorders of the hand and upper extremities. Our orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, and certified hand therapists work in concert to address each patient’s individual needs, and to develop treatment plans that promote the fullest possible recovery.

Our team of highly skilled surgeons are hand experts with specialized training and years of experience performing procedures on the complicated and delicate mix of nerves, bones, tendons and soft tissue in the hand, wrist and elbow.

Our certified hand therapists have completed rigorous training and been awarded certification in the rehabilitation of the hand, wrist and upper extremities—and are critical to the Center’s collaborative approach to treatment.

We provide comprehensive care from diagnosis through recovery and rehabilitation. No matter the problem, the goal is always to improve movement, preserve sensation, and help patients reach their highest level of functioning.

Why choose us for hand surgery?

  • Year-round, 24/7 coverage for all emergencies
  • Pre- and post-surgery close collaboration with MedStar NRH Rehabilitation Network Certified Hand Therapists to boost recovery
  • Special expertise in diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries
  • Vast experience in advanced surgical techniques, including minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, microsurgery, and hand and wrist joint replacement

Conditions Treated

Our team treats a broad range of conditions from severe trauma to tennis elbow and everything in between—problems that make it difficult for people to function day-to-day. These disorders can be the result of injury, illness, or birth abnormalities and include:

  • Trauma, including lacerations, burns, crush injuries, fractures, and work related injuries
  • Cumulative trauma and overuse disorders, including tendinitis
  • Illnesses such as arthritis of the wrist and hand, bursitis of the elbow
  • Repetitive motion disorders
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve compression disorders
  • Vascular problems, such as Raynaud’s Disease
  • Injury to the nail
  • Hand masses, including ganglion cysts and other tumors
  • Birth and congenital hand defects


We employ a variety of treatment options, depending on each patient’s unique condition. While surgery is frequently the best therapeutic solution for patients, the team may also recommend non-surgical treatments, such as medication, splints, hand therapy or injections.

Location Information

To make an appointment with a specialist, call
202-877-3627 (3627).

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
110 Irving Street NW
Room 3B-28
Washington, D.C. 20010

Certified Hand Therapists

Our team includes several certified hand therapists.