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The peripheral nervous system is responsive for communicating messages of movement, damage, or sensation between the brain and the rest of the body. A peripheral neuropathy is any kind of disorder that occurs due a damaged peripheral nerve. Symptoms of injury to one of these nerves may include loss of mobility, sensitivity, loss of coordination, loss of feeling, tingling, burning, and pain. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by injury from an accidents or sports, trauma from excessive pressure or repetitive movement, other diseases (cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, alcoholism, and others), viral infections, bacterial infections, hereditary disorders, and more. Doctors will treat the specific condition that is causing peripheral neuropathy (if one is identified), and then treat symptoms using a combination of anti-inflammatory medication, other pain relieving medication, topical creams or patches for pain, anticonvulsant medication, and even certain antidepressants. Physical therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, and surgery may also be recommended.

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