Man experiences pain in his groin region

The pudendal nerve is a nerve that runs through the pelvis, from the lower buttocks, and to the pubic bone. When a patient is suffering from pudendal neuralgia, they will experience different kinds of symptoms like pain, burning, itching, tingling, loss of feeling, heightened sensitivity, and a swelling sensation. Some patients also report feeling the need to use the bathroom frequently, erectile dysfunction, and pain during intercourse. Pudendal neuralgia occurs when the pudendal nerve is injured or strained (like due to trauma or after childbirth), with certain activities (like biking), with inactivity (like sitting for long periods), as a result of certain conditions (like tumors or broken bones), or due to previous surgery.

If this condition is believed to be caused by a particular activity, the pain specialist may recommend lifestyle changes to avoid these tasks in the future. If the symptoms are believed to be caused by another disorder, doctors will look to treat the patient’s underlying disease while also treating the pudendal neuralgia symptoms. The most common treatments for pudendal neuralgia include physical therapy, pain medication, muscle relaxers, injection therapy for pain, anticonvulsants, specific antidepressants, and surgery.

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