pharmacypatientThe Department of Pharmacy at MedStar Washington Hospital Center provides pharmaceutical care in a culture that inspires innovation, trust and adaptability. It demonstrates leadership through education and promotion of health care literacy. The Department of Pharmacy of MedStar Washington Hospital Center provides 24-hour pharmaceutical care from pharmacists and technicians.

Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical support to patients includes collecting and organizing patient-specific information, identifying specific health care needs and pharmacotherapeutic goals, and designing regimens and monitoring plans to achieve desired outcomes. Our pharmacists collaborate closely with physicians and other health care providers. Our pharmacists use the latest technology for real-time evaluation of medication orders, to record patient information and to document clinical interventions.

Pharmacists are actively involved in:

  • Rounding with medical teams
  • Drug therapy monitoring
  • Consultation
  • Patient safety initiatives
  • Patient education
  • Medication use evaluations
  • Medication occurrence reporting
  • Health care team education
  • Drug information services
  • Precepting students and residents
  • Performance improvement projects

Investigational Drug Service

Pharmacy works closely with MedStar Health Research Institute and is responsible for administering more than 30 investigational drug protocols. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health conduct studies on investigational drugs at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Distributive Services

Point-of care technology and centralized medication distributive systems allow pharmacists to maximize their time in pharmaceutical care and education. Pharmacy technicians support pharmacists in providing distributive services to patient care areas. Systems analysts work on designing and maintaining information for the department's clinical and distributive operations.

Drug Information Center

Pharmacists provide information to health care professionals and train and educate students and pharmacy residents. The center has a library with medical and pharmaceutical journals and access to a wide range of electronic drug information resources

Location Information

To find a specialist, call 202-877-3627

MedStar Washington Hospital Center

110 Irving Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010

Pharmacy Residency

Learn more about the Pharmacy Resideny program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.