Cardiac CT - Advanced Imaging Technology

Part of a new generation of advanced imaging technology, the cardiac computed tomography scan, better known as the cardiac CT, is a non-surgical procedure that provides physicians with detailed 3-dimensional views of the heart and blood vessels. For patients, the experience is similar to having an x-ray; however, for physicians, the cardiac CT provides a wealth of detailed and valuable information about the health of their patients' hearts.

The test can identify advanced coronary disease and determine a patient's future risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

MedStar Washington Heart Institute’s Cardiac CT Lab is a hospital-based imaging suite, jointly operated by the hospital's radiology and cardiology departments. Expert cardiologists, radiologists, cardiac-specialized radiology technologists, a cardiac nurse and a cardiovascular 3D imaging technologist work together in the lab. Scans are performed under the direct supervision of a physician.


The Philips 256-slice iCT scanner is the latest generation of this advanced medical technology. In comparison to a traditional CT scanner, the multi-slice scanner is faster and provides sharper and more detailed images. This speed allows even fast moving organs like the heart to be accurately captured in images. Further, patients are exposed to lower radiation exposure during scanning.

The CT scanner is located in the Cancer Institute, adjacent to the Physician's Office Building (POB).


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