Bloodless surgery is a new concept for many patients, but at MedStar Health, we have been working for many years as a bloodless surgery team to provide this alternative option for our patients. Our highly skilled medical and professional staffs are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our patients by utilizing safe, state-of-the-art medical technologies designed to minimize blood loss and maximize the oxygen-carrying capabilities of blood during medical treatment. Bloodless surgery techniques are used to avoid transfusions of donor blood entirely. Doctors can use bloodless surgery techniques at three points throughout the surgical process:

  • Pre-Surgery: using medication to increase the blood supply or storing the patient's own blood before surgery
  • During Surgery: using techniques, specialized equipment and other technologies to avoid blood loss
  • Post-Surgery: using techniques that eliminate the use for transfused blood or blood products

Benefits include faster recovery time, no fear of contracting blood-borne infections, a lower mortality rate, and fewer complications. Whether for religious, ethical, medical, or other reasons, the techniques are beneficial for anyone if hospitals employ best practices in blood management.

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Bloodless Medicine and Surgery
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