Prostate Biopsy with the UroNav® Fusion Biopsy System

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men, and it’s often not caught until the cancer is in a late stage. One of the problems with detecting prostate cancer is that traditional biopsy methods do not necessarily target a patient's tumor. Instead, these methods target an arbitrary biopsy of the prostate.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center is dedicated to providing innovative, diagnostic prostate biopsy techniques in order to improve care for male patients. In order to identify and analyze suspicious prostate lesions with heightened precision as well as with less trauma to the patient, the urology department at the Hospital Center uses the UroNav® Fusion Biopsy System.

Developed by NIH, UroNav integrates pre-biopsy MRIs of the prostate with a guided ultrasound biopsy with real-time imaging. This novel technique increases visualization and enhances accuracy when identifying and analyzing prostate lesions. By fusing an MRI procedure to a real-time ultrasound image, physicians are able to locate the target and accurately biopsy the prostate cancer in order to identify it and determine proper expeditious treatment.

UroNav’s precision eliminates the need for large amounts of tissue samples from the patient, reducing the risk of infections, bleeding, pain, and reducing recovery time. Primary candidates for the procedure are patients with rising PSA levels and previously negative biopsies or patients on active surveillance.



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