Vasectomy involves surgical removal of a portion of the vas deferens tubes that carry sperm from each testicle, with the intention of permanent sterility.

Hydrocele Removal (Hydrocelectomy)

Removal of fluid and the fluid-containing sac from around the testicle.

Varicocele Removal (Varicocelectomy)

Ligation (tying off) the veins draining a testicle, to help decrease an area of stretched out veins in the scrotum (that may cause pain or affect fertility).

Spermatocele Removal (Spermatocelectomy)

Removal of a sac containing sperm from the scrotum

Testicular Torsion Repair

Testicular Torsion is an emergency that requires urgent surgery to untwist the testicle to restore blood flow.


Removal of the testicle or both testicles.

  • Radical Inguinal Orchiectomy – done for testicular cancer, through an incision in the groin.
  • “Simple” Orchiectomy – done for some cases of advanced prostate cancer, and in other conditions where testosterone production is no longer required or desired.

Testosterone Replacement

Low Testosterone requires full evaluation and sometimes treatment with replacement of testosterone, for which there are several methods.

Scrotal Reconstruction

Reconstruction of genitalia damaged by injury, infection or other causes.

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