Recurrent cervical cancer exenteration is an extreme type of surgery in which all of the organs of the pelvis, including the bladder and rectum, are removed. The bladder and vagina are rebuilt from the patient's own tissues. This procedure is performed on women who have recurrent cervical cancer, meaning the cancer keeps coming back after treatment.

Exenteration is a procedure performed only in cases where no other treatment option is available. The good news is that 50 percent of patients who have exenteration are cured, and have no recurrence of cancer.

Is Exenteration Right for Me?

Our team at MedStar Health specializes in performing advanced gynecologic oncology procedures like exenteration for advanced cervical cancer. Your surgeons analyze your treatment up until this point, and make a determination if this surgical approach is the right one for you to treat the cancer.

What Can I Expect if I'm Having an Exenteration?

Because this procedure is so advanced, every patient is different. Your gynecologic surgeon will discuss all the details of the surgery with you beforehand and will give you detailed instructions on what to expect afterward.