We believe that Research Brings Hope™.

Washington Cancer Institute is committed to clinical research as the essential tool to further cancer care. Physicians are conducting clinical research in many areas of cancer treatment, as well as supportive care. Research is offered as an option to today’s patients, as well as a way to learn improved treatment methods for future patients.

What is a clinical trial?

Today's standard of cancer care is yesterday's research. What we know today about cancer and its treatment–the many successes that improve patients’ chances for survival and a healthy life– are thanks to those who have participated in clinical trials. A combination of new drugs and new treatment methods mean we can now use the word "cure" with certain cancers. In other cases, cancer is managed like a chronic disease--a cure may not be possible--but doctors are able to help patients live their lives as fully as possible.

While there can be no guarantee that a new treatment approach will be better than current standards, new effective treatments can benefit clinical trials patients before the treatment is commonly available. Information gained from a well-designed cancer clinical trial will provide scientifically useful information that will bring benefit to the overall fight against cancer. Many patients find their personal contribution to science to be very meaningful.

Often patients, their families and friends wish to support research by making a donation. We invite you to visit the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Foundation page for further information about donating to Washington Cancer Institute.


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