Conceived as a positive way to present research opportunities to cancer patients, the Research Brings Hope™ campaign features pictures of the Cancer Institute’s research physicians along with images of well-respected celebrities and others of influence. A personal quote about the importance of clinical research in treating cancer and finding a cure accompanies each image.

“Many patients are so research-resistant, they do not allow themselves the opportunity to consider participating in research that might help them,” says Becky Montalvo, executive director of Oncology Clinical Research at the Cancer Institute, and the originator of the campaign.

“A lot of my patients have noticed the posters and asked me about them,” says Vera Malkovska, MD, director of Hematology, who is featured with international opera singer Marquita Lister in one of the campaign posters. “The posters provide a starting point for an important conversation about clinical research that the patient initiates, not the doctor. Since they’re expressing interest, what you say will have a greater impact.”

The Cancer Institute already has an impressive level of patient participation; however, Montalvo hopes to see increased involvement. “While it appears that we have had wonderful success, when you peel the layers back, there is still room for improvement,” Montalvo says.

“What is known today about how to treat cancer is the result of previous research,” she says. “Until there is a cure, clinical research is of utmost importance toward the betterment of every cancer patient’s health and welfare—now and in the future.