1. Breast Cancer Prevention in the Neighborhood

The Avon Foundation has granted support to the Washington Cancer Institute to conduct year-round educational programs in wards 5, 7 and 8.

Breast cancer can be detected early with regular mammograms. If found early, it can be cured with less aggressive treatments.

Our data shows that 97 percent of women diagnosed with late stage breast cancer living in wards 5, 7 and 8 Washington, D.C., had medical insurance.

Through community outreach efforts, it was noted that the reason women did not obtain an annual mammogram was due to fear, personal factors (no time, caring for others) and not understanding the risk factors were the primary reasons they avoided a mammogram.

This resulted in the development of an educational program focusing on dispelling fear and mammogram myths, thus empowering women to overcome personal barriers and informing them about breast cancer risks.

For more information, please call our community navigators 202-877-5929.


2. Get2 Breast Care Program - Meet our Community Navigators


In an effort to share breast health information with residents in Wards 5, 7 and 8, community navigators will coordinate events at churches, community centers. Their goals are to dispel myths about breast cancer risks, provide early detection services and breast cancer education. They will also provide navigation assistance to women who need mammograms. For more information, please call our community navigators at 202-877-5929.


Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Washington Cancer Institute
Avon Get2Breast Care Community Navigators (left to right)
Janel Diaz, Lynel S. McFadden and Volunteer Community Navigator Sybil L. Smith

3. Biggest Breast Cancer Myth


To request an appointment, call
202-877-3627 (3627).

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