Annual Gifts

Needed gifts fund a variety of programs 

Annual gifts usually are given for a specific program or project as the donor directs. Generally, annual gifts are spent within the year they are given, and provide extra dollars above and beyond those allotted by the Hospital Center's operational budgets for that 12-month period. These gifts help the Hospital Center's facilities to meet new and unexpected costs or to be able to initiate a service or program as a new need is identified.

If the donor directs that the annual gift is to be used for a specific purpose, the gift will be used for that purpose.

Annual gifts can be given in someone's memory or someone's honor, as a special thank you, or to recognize birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. Washington Hospital Center Foundation will notify each person recognized through an "honor gift" so the person knows the gift was made in his or her honor and can make the appropriate acknowledgement to the donor. The designated person will be informed of all memorial gifts.

Download the print version of the annual giving form.