Where Can I Donate?

There are many areas throughout the hospital that are in need of your support.

Unrestricted Giving:

  • Unrestricted gifts support a wide range of hospital programs and services, as determined by hospital leadership during the strategic planning process.

Community Programs & Outreach:

  • TAPP (Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting)
    Seeks to engage young people in positive relationships that support their pregnancies, parenting and health while also helping them with personal development.
  • Medical House Call Program
    Meets all the medical and social needs for elderly patients in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Diabetes For Life
    People with diabetes learn how to manage their disease, and make lifestyle changes to help them live well.
  • Other:
    Any MedStar Washington Hospital Center department Any MedStar Washington Hospital Center special purpose fund (SPF)